How EmployBridge is Using Visme to Streamline Content Creation Cross-Departmentally

How EmployBridge is Using Visme to Streamline Content Creation Cross-Departmentally

Written by:
Chloe West

Feb 16, 2021
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“It’s easy to create something in Visme quickly that looks like we sent it out to an advertising firm to design.”

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When it comes to working with different departments across a company, there’s nothing quite as streamlined as the ability to collaborate using the same tools.

It can be challenging to find the best tool for your company, but EmployBridge has discovered the perfect medium with Visme.

What started as a tool for training materials on their learning and development team has since moved to their marketing department as well as their corporate communications team.

Anne McCarthy, the Senior Director of Learning Experience at EmployBridge, explained how Visme usage has started to spread like wildfire throughout their organization.

“My whole team has been using Visme for several years, but now seeing the kind of work that we’re producing, our marketing team wanted to start using Visme.”

From there, the corporate communications team has also jumped on board to create their own communication materials after seeing what the training and development team has been able to do, and the operations team has also been giving Visme a test drive.

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How EmployBridge Uses Visme in Their Work

Anne leads the Learning & Development team at EmployBridge, so we spoke a great deal about how her team is creating easy-to-understand training materials for their employees.

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Being a staffing company that helps place employees in companies across North America, they have to create both proprietary learning content as well as client-facing learning content.

“We’re working really closely with HR now, particularly when it comes to that life cycle of new colleagues that are joining our company. So we’ve connected those two pieces so we can have a really cohesive experience for everyone who’s joining the company.”

This cohesive experience is essential for onboarding happy employees and setting them up for success. And the way they create learning content is incredibly intuitive and helps them understand the exact type of content that’s needed.

“Whenever someone comes to us with a need, we start with a discovery call to really understand what problem needs to be solved. From there, we determine what the solution is. Sometimes people think they need a full training course, we realize it simply needs to be a one-page communication piece.”

Here’s an example of a simple one-sheeter communication piece they might send out to employees to ensure everyone is on the same page.

A one-sheeter sharing the company's core values.

Whether it’s a quick one-sheet document, ebook or infographic, Anne’s team is creating a variety of different forms of learning content with Visme.

“We’re creating a lot of infographics, we create banners for announcements on social media, we’ve been tapping into the new version to create animated ebooks. Visme has really become a vital part of what we do.”

Here’s an example of an infographic EmployBridge's L&D team created for leaders in their organization to help employees manage stress.

Infographic sharing how to help your team manage stress.

Simplify content creation and brand management for your team.

  • Cut down on presentation and design costs
  • Complete template, brand management and privacy controls
  • One easy platform to empower your team marketing and internal communications

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While Anne’s team does still use larger training tools like Articulate Storyline for in-depth training courses, Visme has given them the capability to decide what the actual training needs to look like.

In addition, Visme has also helped them create more content in less time, ensuring that absolutely no learning opportunities fall through the cracks.

“If it’s something we need to turn around really quickly, we’re jumping into Visme. We either put together a one-page piece that’s easy to absorb or we’ve started creating little animated pieces.”


How EmployBridge is Using Visme Cross-Departmentally

Visme is a great tool for teams who are working together, but we loved hearing about how Anne’s organization is using Visme across different departments. 

“One thing that’s been really helpful is we’ve expanded our licenses. Marketing has licenses now, I just added licenses for our corporate communications team, and they really like what we’ve been able to produce.”

While Marketing and Comms would previously come to Anne’s team asking them to create various assets, but by expanding their licenses to other departments, they’re able to start creating their own content.

“They now have the ability to use this tool instead of always coming to us. And we’ve got so much content in there that they have access to, so it’s streamlined a lot of processes, enabled us to move things through the pipeline faster and helped build some additional expertise.”

In Visme, based on each user’s permissions, team members can access previously created visual content. This is wildly helpful for getting these new users started creating new content as they can view and duplicate existing projects.

The marketing team can now easily take advantage of pre-designed ebook templates like this one below to start their own lead magnet with.

The cover of a training document on leading a team through change.
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Furthermore, with their branding information already inserted into Visme, additional teams hopping on board already have everything they need right at their fingertips.

“We’ve set up branding templates for our EmployBridge brand and we have specialty brands throughout the organization. So we’ve set up all of those brands, all of the fonts, and it’s just made it so much easier.”

This helps to fully streamline the content creation process across departments at EmployBridge, allowing these three teams to get their visual content out to market much more quickly than they could have before.


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