8 Best Lucidchart Alternatives for Beautiful Diagrams (In 2021)

8 Best Lucidchart Alternatives for Beautiful Diagrams (In 2021)

Written by:
Orana Velarde

Jan 20, 2021

Looking for a Lucidchart alternative?

Here’s a list of 8 Lucidchart alternatives (both paid and free) to help you create beautiful diagrams, graphs and charts.

1) Visme

2) Draw.io

3) Creately

4) Visio

5) Gliffy

6) Omnigraffle

7) Smartdraw

8) Xmind

Learn everything you need to know about each of these tools (e.g., pricing, features) and start creating diagrams, graphs and charts that stand out today.


8 Best Lucidchart Alternatives for Beautiful Diagrams

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Draw.io

Tool #3: Creately

Tool #4: Microsoft Visio

Tool #5: Gliffy

Tool #6: OmniGraffle

Tool #7: SmartDraw

Tool #8: XMind

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Tool #1: Visme

The first tool on the list of Lucidchart alternatives is Visme.

This all-in-one design tool offers a large variety of options for creating flowcharts and diagrams, either on their own or as part of a bigger project.


What is Visme?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Visme is an online design platform with everything a team could ever need for creating visual content.

Create diagrams and flowcharts with ease using the intuitive flowchart builder. Choose from a template library or make one from scratch. Apply your brand colors and assets easily.

Diagrams aren’t the only thing you can create with Visme. In the Visme dashboard, your options for visual content creation are only limited by your imagination.

Choose from thousands of templates, content blocks and built-in design elements like shapes, icons, illustrations and photos to help you create anything you need.

Add diagrams to reports, documents, presentations or infographics. There’s no need to leave the app to create a diagram and bring it into your project— create everything in one place.

You also have the option to import from or save your projects to OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. There are plenty of other integrations to help you work better and faster.

Take a look at this video on how to create diagrams using the Visme flowchart tool.


Who is it for?

If you need to create visual content that looks professional, Visme is for you.

Since Visme has so many options to choose from, it’s perfect for small and large business teams, startups, educators, students, bloggers, social media managers, and designers or content creators looking for an easier and faster way to create visual content.

The collaboration features inside the Visme dashboard are perfect for creating content as a team. Leave comments with annotation features and post-it style popups.

Collaborate and create with your team.

  • Simple annotation and commenting features
  • Set edit, comment and view permissions for your team
  • Respond to and resolve comments easily

Sign up. It's free.

For teams that need to stay on brand when creating diagrams or any type of visual content, the Brand Kit is ready to help with storing your company colors, fonts and templates.

Visme has a low learning curve for creating online diagrams. That means that it’s easy for anyone to get started straight away, even without any prior design experience.



Getting started with Visme is completely free.

To get the most out of the app, though, the best value is the Business plan at $29 a month. For large team and enterprise plans that include exclusive features, you can contact the sales team for a custom quote.

There’s also separate pricing for students and educators and a 25% discount for nonprofits.


Tool #2: Draw.io

If you’re looking for a free, open-source Lucidchart alternative to create diagrams, Draw.io could be just what you need. This tool has a simple interface that mimics Google web apps.


What is Draw.io?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Draw.io is an open source diagram creation software — it's available online and is completely free of cost.

It’s considered as one of the most versatile Lucidchart alternative because it’s free and can do quite a bit. Also, when you connect Draw.io with Google Drive, collaboration is easy.

Design options are limited but it gets the job done when you need something simple. When you first open Draw.io, you don’t need to create an account, you simple choose your storage option between Drive and Dropbox and get started.


Who is it for?

Draw.io is for anyone that needs to create a diagram easily without nay cost. It’s also practical for those that want to collaborate on a diagram in real time.

This software is particularly helpful for network diagrams of different kinds and the infinite canvas helps to create a diagram as complex as it needs to be.

With the new Draw.io versions, importing data is easy. Import a CSV file to create diagrams from premade data sets. Draw.io also works as a diagram viewer for Lucidchart and Gliffy diagrams without requiring a subscription to those apps.

Draw.io is accessible from all operating systems, including Windows, MacOs and Linux.



Draw.io is completely free. The only version that has a small cost is the version that works with a Confluence server behind your own firewall. This version is charged per user.


Tool #3: Creately

If you’re looking for a more colorful and real-time collaborative approach to creating diagrams, take a look at Creately.


What is Creately?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Creately is a collaborative diagram tool with a wide range of options. This is an app created specially for teams that need to work together on all sorts of diagram style projects.

There are over 50 specialized shape libraries in different styles for different purposes. Browse through flowcharts, wireframes, software design diagrams, UI flows and sitemaps.

When collaborating on diagrams on Creately, team members can video conference at the same time inside the app. Real-time collaboration is top-notch. Asynchronous collaboration is also available from any device, anywhere.

Creately diagrams can be downloaded as PNG, JPEG or PDF files.


Who is it for?

Creatively is for teams that work together on projects and need a tool that makes that easier for them.

The creative and colorful aspect of Creatlely is perfect for teams that don’t want to be bored at work anymore and are looking for a different and unique way to work on diagrams together.

For teams that do a lot of work on Slack, the Creatively and Slack integration is a big plus. Not only can you collaborate on Creatively natively, you can also do it via Slack.

Unfortunately, all you can make on Creately are diagrams. If you need to add your diagram to a report or document, you’ll need another tool, like Visme, to do so.



Creately offers a free version with minimal features for users that want to try out the software without any commitments. Paid subscriptions are separated into individual and team plans.

Enterprise plans are available upon request. Individual plans don’t include collaboration features. For those, you'll need to purchase a team plan.


Tool #4: Microsoft Visio

Visio is part of the Microsoft 365 suite but it’s not included in the basics. You have to buy it separately. It has a long standing reputation as a capable diagram software for both businesses and education spaces.


What is Microsoft Visio?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Since Visio is part of the Microsoft 365 family, it integrates easily with all the Microsoft programs. For example, you can connect Excel to Visio with the Data Visualizer and create diagrams with your sheet data.

Visio is available both in the cloud and for desktop. The online version is less robust than the desktop version but still full of practical features and real-time collaboration.

Microsoft Visio has long been known as one of the best diagramming tools in the market, but others have long caught up and offering more templates, more shapes and more features.


Who is it for?

Visio is great for individuals and teams that rely on Microsoft apps for their work tasks. This software is also good for users who need to visualize live data from sources like SQL Server and Access databases, as well as Excel sheets.

The collaboration features are also a plus for teams to work on Visio together. Teams can create diagrams that range from flowcharts, org charts, UML diagrams, floor plans and brainstorming mind maps.

Power BI users will be glad to know that Visio has a seamless integration with the data analysis app.

Visio desktop is only available for PC computers running windows. Mac users will only be able to use it in the web version.



Microsoft Visio has different pricing options for the online and desktop versions.

The cloud app has a subscription plan depending on how many features you need and the desktop version has a one time payment, either for individual or business use.


Tool #5: Gliffy

If you’re looking for a diagram software to use with your software design team, Gliffy is a great choice. In fact, Gliffy is also good for businesses.


What is Gliffy?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Gliffy is a diagram software made by software engineers for software engineers. It was created for Confluence and Jira with the Atlassian network.

It was designed for design teams to work together when creating software. In the 15 years it’s been around, their client base has grown to include businesses and different types of teams.

With Giffy, teams can create flowcharts for business brainstorming and organization, wireframes for design projects and diagrams for software engineering.

Like most other diagram creation apps, if you need to add a diagram to another project, you’ll need a supplementary tool like Visme.


Who is it for?

Originally, Gliffy was for software engineers looking to create diagrams to help build new software together. Designs teams then started using the app for wireframing.

Additionally, the app is also great for businesses that need to work together to create flowcharts and organizational charts.

Gliffy offers a wide range of UI mockups and wireframes to design the layout for websites, software and mobile apps.

Sadly, it's not your tool of choice if you need many types of templates to choose from or a wide variety of shape designs. Gliffy is less versatile than Lucidchart or Visme, but it gets the job done when you need a clean-cut diagram fast.



Gliffy has no free version apart from a free trial.

The professional plan with one user is $7.99 a month and the teams plan is $4.99 per user. To use proper team features and collaboration, users need a custom enterprise plan.


Tool #6: Omnigraffle

Omnigraffle is a good choice for MacOs and iOS users that prefer to use desktop software instead of cloud apps. The software has pixel perfect design features to create granular flowcharts and other diagrams.


What is Omnigraffle?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Omnigraffle is part of the Omni Group, a collection of software designed specially for Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. Every Omni app, including Omnigraffle, is available for all Apple devices.

Apart from diagramming and prototyping, Omnigraffle is also a vector design app where users can design pretty much anything they want using shapes. This offers great versatility to create diagrams from scratch.


Who is it for?

The app has a selection of native templates, but they are limited.

This app is more suited for people with some design skills and a good idea of how to create diagrams in the first place. This isn’t really an app for newbies looking for a diagram software to get started with.

Omnigraffle is also an app for exclusive Mac users, since there’s no option for PC or Windows. Omni offers a variety of apps that complement Omnigraffle, creating a workflow that entices creative users to be more efficient and productive.

This style of diagram software reminds us of other brainstorming tools like Miro and Milanote. Mostly geared at creative types that like clean cut features they can personalize how they want.



Omnigraffle has two pricing options: a classic subscription and a traditional one-time payment.

For each instance, the price for the individual is the same as one user or one license in the team subscriptions. The subscription plans include instant updates on all devices and a lower cost per month.


Tool #7: SmartDraw

If you’re looking for a flowchart tool that will integrate well with your Microsoft apps, SmartDraw could be your solution. This flowchart app is easy to use, even for beginners.


What is SmartDraw?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

SmartDraw is a diagramming tool with automated features, making it stand on its own compared to the rest of the Lucidchart alternatives on this list. These features make diagramming and wireframing intuitive and easy.

This app thrives off being a superior alternative to Visio and Lucidchart, offering more templates, more shapes and lots of design features to help businesses create all sorts of diagrams. It’s specially good at wireframing solutions.

Apart from integrations with Microsoft 365, SmartDraw can also be added to your Atlassian, Confluence and Jira networks. Plus, all diagrams on SmartDraw can be exported to Vision and vice versa.


Who is it for?

SmartDraw is the perfect flowchart tool for teams that work mainly with Microsoft 365. The main use for SmartDraw is to use the flowchart tool so create org charts, processes, and other diagrams with connected shapes.

If you need to create floor plans, Gantt charts, engineering layouts or infographics SmartDraw is a great choice. There’s thousands of templates to choose from covering all types of diagrams for many uses.

For those looking for a clean and seamless drag and drop functionality, SmartDraw offers pixel-perfect positioning.



There’s no free plan in SmartDraw.

The Single user plan is $9.95 and includes a lot of the most important features in the app. The team plan is $5.95 per user and includes plenty of enterprise features.


Tool #8: Xmind

Xmind has been around for over decade, and it's only getting better with time. The creators of Xmind know how much users love all versions and offer a previous version as well as the newest.


What is Xmind?

Start creating diagrams and charts in minutes!Sign up. It's free.

Xmind is more of a mind mapping and brainstorming tool than a diagramming tool. The flowchart features are clean cut and minimalistic to inspire creativity and generate ideas.

Xmind is available in a simpler original version called Xmind 8 and a newer, stronger version called Xmind 2020. The app is also available for computers and mobile devices.

The Xmind 2020 has new features like theme styles and mathematical equations. There’s also a Zen workspace mode for better concentration and a dark mode for those who prefer that.

Additionally, there’s also Xmind.works, a web version that lives in the cloud and doesn’t need to be downloaded. You need a normal Xmind subscription to open the web version.


Who is it for?

Xmind is a mind mapping software more suited for creative types looking to brainstorm with a tool that inspires creativity and creation. It’s also a great tool for mind mapping on a mobile device, including Android.

Not so much a tool for collaborating, Xmind is more for creatives who like to keep their thoughts and ideas in order. If you like to doodle on your mind maps, Xmind also has drawing features for the Apple pencil.



XMind 2020 and Xmind 8 have different price tags.

XMind 2020 is available with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Team plans are on request and there’s a special discount for education plans. XMind 8 has a one time fee.


Looking for a Lucidchart Alternative?

If you've read this far, it’s highly likely that you’re still looking for an alternative to Lucidchart. Maybe it’s a matter of cost, or a matter of preference.

Whichever it is, there are plenty of options. In this list we offer you 8 different diagram software examples, but there are also others worth mentioning, like Cacoo, Coggle and ProtoPie.

Lucidchart alternatives come in all shapes and sizes. But if you’re looking for a tool that not only offers diagramming tools but also a wide array of design features, look no further than Visme.

With only one tool, you can create a diagram or flowchart, and easily add it to an infographic, a presentation, a PDF document or a digital report.

As a Lucidchart alternative, Visme covers many bases. You can create classic diagrams with shapes and lines or add design elements like characters and illustrations.

Make your diagrams even more engaging by adding animation and interactive features, like motion effects, links, hover effects, popups, audio and more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have questions about Lucidchart and the available alternatives, here are the most frequently asked questions by people just like you.

Q1. What is Lucidchart used for?

Lucidchart is a software used for creating diagrams. With this tool, you can create flowcharts, organizational charts, wireframes, scrum boards, Gantt charts, maps and more. Lucidchart is used by both businesses and educators to visualize information and data.

Q2. Is Lucidchart better than Visio?

Lucidchart and Visio are both good diagramming tools for businesses and teams. Each tool comes with its own pros and cons. The ultimate answer to if Lucidchart is better than Visio depends on what every individual or teams needs in a diagram software.

For example, Visio integrates with Microsoft 365, as does Lucidchart. But Lucidchart has many integrations that Visio does not.

The templates and design elements in Lucidchart are more varied than the ones available in Visio. Nonetheless, Visio projects can be imported to Lucidchart and vice versa.

In terms of collaboration, Lucidchart is relatively better than Visio. The real-time editing features are more robust than in Visio. Also, Visio isn’t available as a desktop app for Mac users. It's only available for PC with Windows at the moment.

If your team uses Microsoft apps exclusively, then Visio might be just what you need. If you want more, then maybe Luchidchart is more up your alley.

On the other hand, if what you need is an app that not only offers diagrams, but also a wide variety of visual assets, consider Visme instead.

Q3. Is Lucidchart free for students?

Lucidchart has a free education plan that includes more features than the regular free account but less than business accounts. It’s just right for what students and educators need.

Free Lucidhart EDU accounts are available for K-12 and Higher Education students and are also accessible on Chromebooks.

Q4. Can Lucidchart open Visio files?

All Lucidchart chart users, including the ones on free plans, can open Visio files in their Lucidchart dashboards. Premium and business users can edit Visio files and export them as such for Visio users to open and edit seamlessly.

Q5. Can you use Visio offline?

Visio is essentially a downloadable desktop app. You can use it without an internet connection on any PC computer running Windows.

Q6. What is a Lucidchart diagram?

A Lucidchart diagram is a flowchart that can be personalized for many different purposes. These diagrams are made up of shapes and connecting lines that visualize processes, organizational information, flows and more.

Q7. Is Lucidchart any good?

Lucidchart is considered to be one of the best tools for creating beautiful diagrams. That said, there are plenty of other tools that offer similar or better features.

Yes, Lucichart is quite good, but you’ll need a supporting software to add a Lucidchart diagram to a report or document. That’s where Visme comes in — one dashboard where you can do it all.

Q8. How’s Visme different from Lucidchart?

The biggest difference between Visme and Lucidchart is that Visme is much more than a diagram software. In fact, Visme is different in this way to the majority of the Lucidchart alternatives on this list.

With Visme, you can create beautiful diagrams like flowcharts, org charts, network diagrams and more. In the same workspace, you can also create infographics, documents, proposals, reports, presentations, social media graphics and much more.

This means that you can include a diagram inside any of your other business’ visual projects. This eliminates the need of using different software to import a diagram inside a larger project.

You can try out any of the Lucidchart alternatives on this list or get started with Visme straight away to create your diagrams inside reports, presentations and infographics with a free account.

Sign up with your email or Facebook account and you’re ready to go!

Disclaimer: Information is accurate as of January 2021

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