37 Eye-Catching Flyer Examples to Inspire You

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Orana Velarde

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Today, we’ve got a treat for you! 37 flyer examples that will change the way you think about flyer design, forever.

Why flyers? Well, what is one way to get the word out about your event, promotion, sale, or conference? 

With a flyer! But designing a flyer that looks more inviting than the rest can be a challenge. 

You need some inspiration! 

That’s why we’ve put together this extensive collection of 37 eye-catching flyer examples to inspire your own. Some of the examples in this list are real-life flyers while others are personal projects from designers. 

Our aim in this curation is to show you variety and unpredictability. To think a bit outside the box.

If you’re not a designer and don’t have the funds to hire one, you can easily create a flyer in your Visme dashboard. If the designs in this list are too elaborate, you can still get some inspiration for colors, composition, and style. 

Here are Visme, we have lots of different flyer templates to choose from in our flyer template gallery.

Here’s a video to help you get started with your new flyers.

And now, let’s get you inspired!


1 The Good Ramen - Concept Flyer Example

This flyer is interesting in how the word ramen is repeated as a backdrop behind the bowl. The pink and white color palette contrasts with the egg and the chili, making it stand out. 

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2 LaCittaIntorno - Urban Development Flyers - Flyer Examples of Series

This is a set of flyers for an urban development project in Italy. The designers created different formats to distribute in different locations. The blue design on the right was the backside for all the other designs.


3 Auditorio de Belgrano - Flyer Concept for Events Program

These flyers were created as part of a campaign for Auditorio de Belgrano. The designs are inspired by the Chevrolet Art Center and resemble a Bauhaus and Modernist style of graphic design. The same designs were used on the printed programs for the theater and opera house.


4 Foldable Social Club Flyer Example

The Wing Social Club flyer is unique in many ways. It’s designed to be folded in a twist that opens up to show more information. Also, the type of printing is special. It’s called risograph printing and gives the flyer and special texture and look.


5 Arraia Na Praca - Event Flyer

This set of flyers for a summer event in Sao Paolo, Brazil all use a variation of the same color palette. They have cute illustrations with a grunge cut-out texture that looks fun, inviting, and colorful. These flyer examples as a series can inspire you to create variations of your flyers to reach a larger audience.

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6 Medijam 6 - Visual Identity Flyer Example

You can tell there were some creative brains in this design team. They used the image of a balled-up piece of paper for the opening of a neighborhood basketball court. Using a large image of an unexpected object will definitely call attention to your flyer. Add some thin overlaying lines and make it artsy. Win-win.


7 823 - Flyer Design Concept

Graphic Designer Rezwan Islam created this flyer concept for a fictitious design studio. He used numbers (probably as the street address) to compose this beautiful design. It’s eye-catching and inviting. All you need is crops and lines!


8 Seikatsu Kobo - Event Flyer in Japanese

Japanese graphic design has always been notoriously unique. Especially when it comes to flyers, posters, and magazines. The designs always have lots of things going on with plenty of information. This flyer example for an art show is no exception. Super fun, super inviting and perfectly unique.


9 Zoologico - Flyer Concept

This flyer concept for a zoo uses a stencil type design. The shapes are deconstructed to resemble the head of an animal. This is a great way to call attention through the use of contrast.


10 Clickbait Garage Sale - Flyer Performance

These flyers were created to sell random items in a garage sale. The text in Italian is a clickbait type of text with an eye-catching font printed on simple colored paper. The flyers are folded to look as if they were abandoned or had fallen under cars etc. Both the design and concept are interesting.


11 Y Espacio Cultura - Event Flyer Example

Brutalist design is not something you’ll see in every flyer. But when you do, it definitely stands out. This set of flyers was designed for a series of events in a cultural center in Argentina.

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12 Shockwave - Campaign Flyer

This two-sided flyer was designed for the shockwave campaign. The design in the front showing the child intertwined with the letters is quite attractive and the colors are well-composed.


13 Afrodysee - Event Flyer

This two-sided flyer has a nice contrast between the black printing over a deep yellow paper. The letters and word sections are simple to not compete with the strong visual.


14 Bakery Promotional Flyer

This flyer is all about the cute factor. The front grabs your eye and the back gives the important information about the bakery. This is a great tactic to bring in the viewer and then they have to turn to the back to find out more.


15 Cooking Lessons - Promotional Flyer

Black slate backgrounds always make visuals look snazzy and interesting. Especially food in vibrant colors. Add on some script fonts and you’ve got a killer cooking lesson promotional flyer.

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16 HamOn - Event Flyer

Psychedelia as a design concept comes back to the forefront here and there over time. The ’60s and ‘70s made an impact and designers love it. This flyer example for a music festival is a great example of this style of design. 


17 Women’s Surf - Film Festival Flyer

Duotone is a great design strategy for catching the eye. This photo looks amazing in pinks and blues instead of the regular ocean color of an unedited photograph. To top it off, its in a circular frame. This is a great example of a minimalistic but attractive flyer.

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18 Green Fair - Event Flyer

This flyer example for an organic fair in Germany uses an aesthetic resembling isometric infographics. The elements are set up in an interesting arrangement in the center, calling attention to the flyer. It’s a great tactic. It’s also very pretty.


19 Japanese Event Flyer

This flyer is for an event happening at Hello Museum in Japan. It seems to be an event around games or sports. The visual aspect we love is the contrast of the green and white icons and shares surrounding the dates.


20 Life, A User’s Manual - Event Flyer

For a different type of flyer, use a full-width photo and text in the empty areas. This flyer for a performance event in Seoul looks interesting because of what the person is doing and it calls attention to the rest of the content.


21 Las Mujeres Hacemos Madrid - Activism Flyer

This flyer for a Women’s March in Madrid uses only four colors and really makes an impact. The woman has no face, therefore representing every woman. The color blocking is really well done. This is a great example of what a stellar color palette can achieve.


22 Strawberry Music Festival - Promotional Flyer

Contrasting colors will always grab people’s attention. But they still need to work together. This flyer example uses color sections and graphic visuals to catch your eye. This flyer leans more towards a poster style design but a flyer is technically a mini-poster. 

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23 Campus Collective - Activism Flyer

This flyer for an activist event uses an effect where the words are cut out of a white area, revealing the photo underneath. Simple, but effective! 


24 Lecture Workshop Flyer

This flyer is the perfect example of clean-cut event promotion. The design behind the guy’s photo is a great addition to an otherwise standard design.


25 Guitar Lessons - Digital Flyer

More psychedelia anyone? This is a digital flyer for online music lessons. The designer created it during Covid-19 lockdown, going to show how this style of design is still relevant.


26 Pizza Making Class - Instagram Flyer

As you know, flyers don’t always need to be printed. This is an example of a set of Instagram flyers in different color options. You can use square flyer style designs as ads on Instagram!

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27 Dribbble Meetup - Event Digital Flyer

Illustrations are a great choice for a unique looking flyer. This flyer was created for a designer meet-up in New York. The letters BK look cut out from the black to reveal the city of NY in an illustration. Super attractive.


28 Cope Health Solutions - Event Flyer

This health-related flyer is super professional while also nice to look at. The pills make up a circle that invites the viewer to find out more.


29 Cinco de Mayo - Event Flyer

Illustrations of tacos? Bring them on! This flyer example was created for the promotion of a taco food truck. It has a super fun design that is most definitely inviting.


30 Meraki -  Event Digital Flyer

Hand-drawn art can make a flyer stand out over the rest. Mix it up with strong powerful typography and you’ve got a great-looking flyer for a dance event.


31 Jon G’s Barbecue Takeover - Two-sided Flyer

This minimalistic flyer with a retro feel was designed for a barbecue event that had to be canceled due to Covid-19. Another example of how a design style from another era can still be relevant now.


32 Proptic - Promotional Flyer

Promotional business flyers tend to all look the same. This one stands out from the crowd. Proptic eye shop did a great job with this flyer. It goes to show how a simple graphic can make an impact.

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33 Event Conference - Poster/Flyer

Once again, contrasting colors that separate the space in unique ways is a great design tactic for flyers. The use of arrows on the pink side adds a bit of flair to the visual richness of the design.


34 Traditional Turkish Arts - Two-sided Flyer

Illustrations and pastel colors have been a big hit in the design world for the past few years. This flyer by a Turkish designer is a great example of that style. This flyer has two sides, using a color frame on the backside unifies the design. 


35 Geek RVA - Concert Flyer/Poster

For a completely off the cuff flyer example, we’ve got this concert promotion flyer in a surreal style. Can’t say it doesn’t call your attention!


36 Envato Conference - Event Flyer

This flyer example uses the trendy bubbly design as a cut out that reveals a photo behind it. Plus, it has all the gradients to make it even more colorful. The white background creates a good contrast.


37 MONO - Foldable Club Program Flyer

Foldable flyers are not very common, but they usually the type that people like to keep as souvenirs. This style of flyer works best when you don’t want to show all the info upfront and want to include a lot of info on the inside.

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Make Your Own Flyers With The Visme Flyer Maker

We hope that all these creative flyer examples will inspire some amazing flyers for your business. Remember that flyers don’t need to be printed every time, you can use them digitally. Add the to email blasts or as FB or Instagram ads. 

To create a flyer with Visme, all you need is our flyer maker with numerous templates and endless design options. Simply add your content, information, and brand assets!


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