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Adding Links to Objects

in Visme for Presentations

If you have created multiple slides and want to link one slide to another or directly to a website, you can use the Link Properties to achieve this.

First note that you can set an automatic transition to another slide via the Slide Transitions feature.

However if you wish to allow the user to interact with an area on a slide and manually link to another slide; then you can use the following simple method:


Name your slides

This is important because if you have multiple slides, you can easily make mistakes by forgetting which slide is wish.    Therefore click on the right panel and under each slide rename to more recognizable name.

name your slide

 There are three categories in setting link: Web, Slide, and Pop-up.


You can apply a link to virtually any element on your slide through web.  This is achieve by:

1. Clicking on the object (be it text, images or icons).

2. If selected Web,  input the link of the website you wanted the object to be redirected to. Click Target Window to designate if you want the website to open in the current page or a new tab. If you need to go back and forth between the linked website and the presentation, it is recommended to set this to “Open in New Window

3. Click “Apply” once done. You can preview your presentation and check if it will redirect to the website you’ve set.



link options




If you choose “Slide” option, select from the “Go to Slide” dropdown which will automatically show the available slides in your project.   Simply select a slide you want to be linked. Click “Apply” once done.

link option slide

link option slide select



Additionally you can convert layer or object into a pop-up in which you can set whether to show on click or on hover. Select from the object on what object you want to pop-up when clicked or hovered depending on the settings you’ve set.

convert layer


on click or on hover

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