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Animation 101 – Adding motion to any object

in Creating Animations

Visme allows you to add animations to every object desired on a project regardless of type :   Presentation, Infographic, Banner, etc..

The most common use of animation is to attract attention to a piece of content or message.  Often a header of a slide maybe animated or icons/images are animated to increase user engagement.

How to add animation to an object:

1. Click on any object on your stage


2. Click on the “Animate this Object” from the top panel.  This will present you with the various animation presets to simplify the animation process.

3. Select an animation present you desire. For example if you want your object to move to the state from the Left at two seconds,  you will choose  “Enter Stage” tab, and then input  “2” for the Start at option and select  “Fly from Left”

animation fly from left


4. Once you’ve applied your animation, click the “Okay”.    Instantly the system will create animation with your settings.

apply animation


5. To view your animation, click on the blue “Preview” button at top of your stage.

You can repeat these steps to apply animation to as many objects as desired on your project.

6. You can also manage the timing between your animation objects on the timeline.  Accessible by clicking on the “Object(s)” tab.

animation timing final


 A short video tutorial on animating with Visme:

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