How to Share Visual Review Data

How to Share Visual Review Data

Rich Ball

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Rich Ball

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Customer reviews are a marketing power tool.

For today’s consumer, peer recommendations are a trusted source of information that play an influential part in the buyer journey, so collecting genuine feedback on your products or services is key to a successful marketing strategy.  

It’s not a complicated process either. By working with a respected review collection partner, you can easily encourage your customers past, present and future to leave you glowing recommendations. 

But of course, the process doesn’t end there.  At, they actively encourage all clients to use the review content they receive to full effect. 

That’s where visual communication comes into the frame. By combining authentic customer feedback with powerful imagery or video, you can take your review collection campaign to the next level, boosting your online presence and strengthening buyer trust.

The best part about it? You don’t have to be a professional designer to make review content visually impactful. But before we look at some very simple ways to do just that, let’s remind ourselves of the power of genuine customer feedback.


The Importance of Reviews

Consumerism has evolved, and so too has the consumers use of the internet. It’s no longer enough for businesses to see the world wide web as simply a digital advertising space. 

It’s now a buyer’s domain – a community of potential customers that are judging your credibility by what they find online.

That’s why genuine, authentic reviews have never been so important. Your target market is more likely to base their buying decisions on the opinions of others than any form of sales material you produce as a business.

That’s not to say that other techniques are now redundant. Just that the customer voice sends a far more powerful message than your own. As such, it should be utilized at every stage of the buyer journey.

To put it into perspective, statistics from the Spiegel Research Centre indicate that the purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than for a product with no reviews. That’s pretty clear cut evidence.

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The power of reviews comes down to two simple elements – engagement and trust. Ensuring your reviews are shared and displayed in the right way is paramount to both and could be the difference between winning or losing a sale or business opportunity.

Whilst words have great power, visual content is the medium of choice for today’s consumer. So, how does a non-designer take bog standard written reviews and transform them into engaging, conversion driving content? 

We’ve pulled together some of our top tips from the expert team at 


Build Engagement and Trust with Visual Review Data

Review data doesn’t have to be boring reams of text on an uninspiring background. And it doesn’t have to be confined to the platform it was received on, be that Facebook, Google or a review collection website.

visual review data - build engagement and trust
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In fact, if you’re intent on using reviews for maximum impact, it’s vital that you transform them into engaging visual content and share them across all of your social media platforms, your website, and any other digital assets you may hold.

Reviews are a form of social proof. They work to convince passive browsers that your company is worth their custom. 

So, when planning your visual content strategy, be sure to include some of the techniques below to provide that social proof by way of visually impactful review content.

Make Use of Existing Image Collateral

Regardless of whether you’re marketing a B2B or B2C company, chances are that at some point in the past you’ve produced visuals as part of the process. You might have even outsourced this to a professional.

If you’re now the legal owner of the copyright, and your supplier agreement permits it, there’s no reason why you can’t repurpose this collateral to add a little pizzazz to your customer feedback.

If you’ve previously placed an emphasis on Instagram marketing, you should have a back catalogue of product or service related imagery at your disposal. Search through your post history and see what appropriate visuals you already have to hand.

Once you’ve found a selection of appropriate images, you can then use a content creation tool such as Visme to combine them with your written review content.

Alternatively, you could make use of a review collection provider that has an integrated design feature that allows you to easily combine written reviews with your brand and social media photos to create eye-catching social proof images

Combine Reviews with User Generated Images

Authenticity is key when it comes to reviews, and what could be more authentic than user generated images? 

They create a level of trust that no stock image could ever do, and since your customers are producing the images for you, this approach requires no photography skills on your end.

User generated images that showcase your products in use by ordinary people in day to day situations not only build authenticity, they also help to create a story around your brand and are one of the best ways to use visual content in eCommerce.

You can also share these reviews alongside the user-generated images right on your social media profiles.

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Some review collection platforms offer tools that allow you to tag products in user generated images, so when a potential buyer clicks on that product, they’ll see more information along with product reviews, and be able to tap to shop, leading to more informed customers and more conversions.

User generated content is a great way to build brand engagement, so when requesting customer feedback, we strongly recommend that you ask for photo reviews as part of your campaign.

Use Banners and Widgets

Ensuring your customer reviews are impactfully displayed at the point of purchase is key to conversion, so use visual banners and widgets on your website.

visual review data - use banners and widgets

This is a great way to repurpose the review images you’ve put together for use on social media. By using a carousel widget, you can display all your visual review data right at the point where your customers are ready to buy.

You can also make use of banners earlier on in the buyer journey, as they are easy to convert into Facebook or Google ads. To keep your ads visually strong, try and limit the text component to under 25%.

Request Video Reviews

When it comes to visual communication, video reigns supreme. It’s known to boost engagement, increase dwell time and drive conversion rates. When you combine it with the power of the authentic customer voice, it becomes a marketing dream.

Video is considered to be an essential part of any review collection campaign, as it allows you to bring both your review content and brand to life in a way written content and static images can’t. 

When choosing which video reviews to share across your digital assets, opt for the ones that are well shot and communicate the most positive messages in a short time frame – ideally no longer than a couple of minutes.  

Be sure not to edit them down. You want every review to remain as authentic as possible, so hold true to the original feedback offered by your customers.

Some sites like G2 even allow users to upload their own video reviews for your audience to view. You can share these across your various channels to increase views.

Create Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are an incredibly cost effective way to generate a buzz around a new product. This type of visual review is exactly what it sounds like – a short video of someone opening up a package to reveal, test and review the product inside.

But done right, they can go so much further than that. A well planned unboxing video can offer guidance on your delivery options, returns policies and other general information. It can also go a long way towards demonstrating your commitment to good customer service.

Far from requiring expensive equipment and a fancy studio, unboxing videos can be produced with nothing more than a phone and some simple editing software, making them a great method of visual communication for those without full production resources. 

Convert Reviews and Statistics into Visual Content

The marketing benefits of customer reviews don’t end with the feedback itself. Depending on your collection process, you also have the opportunity to amass a wealth of valuable statistics that can be converted into compelling visuals.

Any good review collection provider will offer customizable request forms that permit your own unique questions. When devising your review marketing strategy, consider what information you could gather to demonstrate further credibility.

For example:

  • Would you shop with us/use our services again?
  • Would you recommend our products/services?

The data obtained from simple questions such as these allows you to showcase consumer loyalty by way of infographics or charts, which can be used as part of your wider marketing strategy, in sales pitches or annual reports.

Again, you don’t need professional design skills to showcase this information in a compelling format. You can use a content creation tool like Visme to turn analytical review data and testimonials into visually dynamic marketing or sales material.

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Get Started with Visual Review Data

It should be pretty obvious by now that customer reviews should form a large part of your marketing strategy. They provide an authentic way to build trust with your target market, drive awareness of your brand and boost conversion rates.

It should also be obvious that to make the most of customer feedback, you need to display it as visual content that drives engagement.

Take your first steps towards better visual communication today by implementing a solid review collection strategy that provides you with plenty of material to create stunning visual content that drives business growth.   


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