42 Experts Tips for Creating Stand-Out Visual Content [E-Book & Infographic]

42 Experts Tips for Creating Stand-Out Visual Content [E-Book & Infographic]
Nayomi Chibana

Written by:
Nayomi Chibana

Oct 18, 2016
42 expert tips for creating stand-out visual content

It’s no news that information overload is a real problem, both for online users and content creators.

Everyone wants to get their message in front of an audience, but users simply don’t have enough time in the day to read every post, tweet, email and piece of content that crosses their paths.

And while visual content was supposed to alleviate the problem by condensing information into bite-sized, snackable pieces, the bad news is that the explosion of visual content has, in a lot of ways, made matters worse.

For example, did you know that 3.8 trillion photos were generated in all of human history until 2011, but that 1 trillion photos were created during 2015 alone?

Or that every minute of the day in 2016:

  • YouTube users share 400 hours of new video (up from 72 hours just two years ago);
  • Instagram users like 2.5 million posts;
  • Giphy serves 569,217 GIFs;
  • Facebook users share 3 million posts;
  • Twitter users send 9,678 emoji-filled tweets;
  • Snapchat users watch 6,944,444 videos; and
  • Facebook messenger users share 216,302 photos?

And that’s just one Internet minute. Imagine what these numbers will look like in the coming months and years.

In a study published by the Content Marketing Institute last month, 70% of B2B marketers stated they will produce more original content in 2017 than they did in 2016, and 39% plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next year.

Meanwhile, user-generated content is also expected to explode. The global Internet population grew 62%, from 2.1 billion to 3.4 billion, in just the last four years.

All this means that the amount of content online, including visual content, will only increase exponentially with time--not decrease.

So, with so much noise out there, how can can you still create unique visual content that stands out?


Advice From the Experts

At Visme, we were so intrigued by the challenge posed by visual content overload that we decided to find out what others were doing to cut through the noise.

So we reached out to 42 top content marketers and asked them for their best advice on creating visual content that stands out, even in a media-saturated web, and compiled their thoughts on the subject into an interactive e-book, which you can view below:

To view interactive version, click here

To download PDF version, click here

And for those who are suffering from content overload right now (!) and would rather skim through their most actionable tips, we've also created quote cards which you can easily share by clicking on the Tweet button in the middle of each graphic.


Jeff Bullas

"Creating effective visual content is a combination of using the right tools and testing the content on different networks."

-Founder of JeffBullas.com


Lee Odden

"To cut through the noise, find out what kind of visual content your audience wants, where they want it and how."

-CEO of TopRank Marketing


Steve Cartwright

"Effective visual content starts with understanding your audience, their problems, wants and desires."

-Digital Business Growth Expert


Rand Fishkin

"Visual content that works most effectively never feels corporate, inauthentic, or like it's a stock visual."

-Moz Founder


Sujan Patel

"Bring something new to the table: original research, or a brand new theory or practice."

-Co-Founder of Web Profits


Larry Kim

"You don’t have to go too crazy with image creation but make an effort to find or create visuals for everything that gets published."

-Founder of MobileMonkey


John Rampton

"We go with visual content that reflects the images that we connect with our brand and the values that represent the brand."

-Founder of Due


Ian Cleary

"You can cut through the noise if you're adding value, not more noise. You also need to stand out as a brand."

-Founder of RazorSocial


Barry Feldman

"Pursue guest blogging opportunities and post on highly visible content hubs, create amazing infographics, data visualizations and presentations."

-Founder of Feldman Creative


Neal Schaffer

"In visual content, the visual IS the headline--that's it! This means you need to absolutely focus on quality by seeing how your fans respond to it."

-Social Media Keynote Speaker


Sam Hurley

"It's not just your headlines that should include statistics. Publish clever visual data and you will blow your audience away."

-Digital Marketing Influencer


Brian Honigman

"Develop a consistent visual brand to become noticeable and recognizable to your audience over time."

-Content Marketer and CEO of Honigman Media


Rebecca Lieb

"Planning, benchmarking and attaching content initiatives to a strategy are necessary for content marketing to work effectively."

-Strategic Advisor and Research Analyst


John Hall

"Tailoring content to your audience, and communicating it in the most effective way will ensure that it stands out."

-Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co.


Andy Crestodina

"Ironically, one of the keys to visual content is written content. Great visuals need headlines."

-Co-founder of Orbit Media


Martin Jones

"Whether it solves a problem, answers a question, or inspires thought, make sure that your visual content is always created with a purpose."

-Senior Marketing Manager at Cox Communications


Glen Gilmore

"If it doesn’t move you, it’s not going to move anyone else. Keep at it till it does."

-Strategic Consultant in Digital Marketing


John Jantsch

"Know the greatest pain points your readers are experiencing and address them as your lead."

-Marketing Consultant and Speaker


Buddy Scalera

"Instead of competing with the noise from news and memes, focus on your customer evangelists."

-Senior Director Content Strategy at The Medicines Company


Ted Rubin

"Test, re-test, evolve, and drive a truck through content that creates conversation."

-Acting CMO of Brand Innovators


Juntae DeLane

"Feel free to emphasize the element which makes your product or service unique, but stay honest at all costs."

-Founder of Digital Branding Institute


Pratik Dholakiya

"Your content should feel and sound like your brand, but it doesn’t need to look the same all the time."


Chad Pollitt

"The key is to pair professionally designed visuals that educate, entertain, or both with a robust promotion plan."

-Co-founder & VP of Audience


Carla Johnson

"The best way to create effective visual content that cuts through in a media-saturated world is to keep everything as simple as possible."

-Marketing and Customer Experience Strategist


Ron Sela

"Think of it as a first impression; it needs to grasp the right kind of attention in a significant way."

-Profit-Driven Digital Marketer


Aaron Agius

"Utilize the latest technologies to create visual content that others can't yet."

-Founder of Louder Online


Lilach Bullock

"My 'trick' is to create as much of my visual content content as I can on my own."

-Social Media Marketing Consultant


Lina Wang

"Great visual content should be clean, aesthetically pleasing and quick to read."

-CEO at Eight Shots


Pawan Deshpande

"Having any images at all massively increases post engagement and shareability."

-Founder & CEO of Curata


Michael Gerard

"Make it searchable, repurpose and reuse it across channels, and revive it when it gets old if it's a winner."

-Data-Driven Marketing Executive


Tom Webster

"Try to make sure that any chart you create is clear, tells one story, and is backed up by credible research."

-VP, Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research


Meryl Evans

"Not all of us are talented artists so snap photos and you won't have to worry about copyright issues."

-Content Marketer for JMR Consulting LLC


Cassio Politi

"You really need to talk to your customers and readers before you create any piece of content."

-Founder of Tracto


Cameron Conaway

"Sometimes cutting through the noise means not playing in the noise."

-Content Marketing Manager at Flow


David Burn

"A visual reward in its simplest form is something nice to gaze at, consider and act upon."

-Founder and Creative Director at Bonehook


Russell Sparkman

"Dig deep down to find a kernel of truth about who you are as a brand and what you want to be to your customers."

-Co-founder and CEO at Fusionspark Media


Bernie Borges

"I've created a live video show. I record a 5 to 10 minute video by my pool and cover a different topic each week on B2B social sales practices."

-CEO of Find and Convert


Jonathan Crossfield

"While visual content tools are extremely useful, avoid the 'included' image assets where possible because everyone else will use them too."

-Storyteller and Content Marketer


Jeff Herrmann

"Anyone with passion, commitment and a unique point of view can build a global audience."

-Chief Strategy Officer at Fathom


Colleen Jones

"The key here is to make your visual content have a unique style--WITHOUT losing substance."

-CEO of Content Science


Randy Krum

"We have discovered that the use of a dominant visual focal point communicates the key message in your design."

-President of InfoNewt


Payman Taei

"Use a balance of key phrases combined with minimalist yet bold design that grabs users' attention and yet is subtle enough to keep them there."

-Founder of Visme


Infographic: 42 Expert Tips on Visual Content

If you found this advice particularly useful or insightful, we also created an infographic you can easily embed on your site:


Embed on your site:

<script src="//my.visme.co/visme.js"></script><div class="visme_d" data-url="kkzm3ex3-infographic-visual-content" data-w="800" data-h="14700"></div>


Your Turn

The experts on visual content creation all seem to agree on one thing: Creating stand-out visual content in today's media-saturated online world is not easy--but with the right approach and tools, it can still be done. You just need to remember to:

  • Get to know your audience. This means understanding their needs, desires and pain points.
  • Use the right combination of words and images to empower your communication.
  • Test, re-test, measure performance and go with content that resonates with your audience.
  • Don't overdo it. Keep things as simple as possible.
  • Don't just create content for the sake of creating content--tie every piece of content to a strategy.
  • Use the right tools to get the job done, and make the most of all the free resources available for you online.

The interactive e-book and graphics above, for example, were all created with Visme, a free online infographic and presentation tool. You can try it for free here.

And if you have your own thoughts on the future of visual marketing or helpful tips you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. Just drop us a few lines below, and we'll get back to you.

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    About the Author

    Nayomi Chibana is a journalist and writer for Visme’s Visual Learning Center. Besides researching trends in visual communication and next-generation storytelling, she’s passionate about data-driven content.

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    1. Excellent approach to what I believe will become an increasing issue the next year or two. I only had the time to briefly review all of the excellent tips, so it is possible that I missed this. But I would give one additional suggestion. Go local. For example, with one of the clients we work with all of the photos we use are not only focused on their particular areas of advocacy, but are all readily recognizable to their local audience. This increases authenticity and interest. It takes some extra effort, but is worth it in impact.

      • Thanks, John, for the feedback. Glad you found it useful. In line with the trend of hyperlocal media sites and hyperlocal marketing, I also think content will become increasingly targeted and focused on the needs of a very specific audience. This will be one of the ways audiences deal with content overload: Focus on what matters to them.

    2. Great list. You did a terrific job on this. Thanks for including me!


    3. Digisha says:

      Nice post! Great and useful tips on visual content.

    4. Ev Wesson says:

      My studio is located near a lake community, and I communicate with my clients mostly via Facebook and through my email list. I especially love the tips that encourage creators to focus on what matters to our particular readers, to take our own photos when possible, and to make the visuals recognizable to our local audience. It’s true — understanding our customer is key.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Ev. Glad you enjoyed these tips. One of the recurring themes in this roundup is definitely listening to your audience and creating content that meets their needs–not what you think they might want or need.

    5. Excellent .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…I’m happy to find so many useful info here in the post, we need work out more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing.

      • Thanks, Willie. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and please stayed tuned for a new comprehensive (and free) e-book we’ll be releasing shortly on how to create visually captivating slide decks.

    6. jason walton says:

      Never underestimate the power and appeal of cartoons.

      “The frame of mind that looks at humor as trivial and flighty mistakes the shadow for the substance. In short, the notion that the humorous approach to visual communication is undignified or belittling is sheer nonsense.”

      -Paul Rand

    7. HANG says:

      Your article is wonderful, thank you for sharing these useful knowledge.

    8. Freda says:

      Thank you for sharing this one! This really helps.

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