Visme Unleashed: New Features to Expect With Visme 4.0

Visme Unleashed: New Features to Expect With Visme 4.0

Written by:
Payman Taei

Mar 11, 2020
visme unleashed - header

On February 24, 2020, we released Visme Unleashed, our biggest update to date with a major platform update to our interface and the release of a ton of new features that will really overhaul the way you look at content creation.

To give you a broad overview of all of the new features you gain access to in Visme Unleashed, we wanted to compile all of them in this single post.

This new version is merely the start of bigger things to come as we set the foundation for more features and design assets to empower our community to create amazing content in less time.

Scroll through to find out about all of the amazing new features you can utilize in your next designs.


Improved Editor User Interface

visme unleashed - improved user interface

We have completely redesigned the Visme interface. Existing users will still feel at home, but will also be able to enjoy a more refined and cleaner experience.

We applied a dark color to the left panel so your content can stand out, as well as refined our content blocks and new features.


Search Thousands of Templates

visme unleashed - search templates
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With hundreds of new templates added monthly, Visme's template library contains thousands of beautiful templates across 40+ content types.

To allow you to quickly and easily browse templates, we have developed a smart search capability so you can search by keyword or simply scroll down all available content types to find your desired template.

Search for anything you want such as "Timelines," "Process," "Flyers," "Black Friday" or even holidays like "Halloween."


Animated Templates

visme unleashed - animated templates
Find the perfect template for your next design!Browse Now

Our selection of templates will be expanding to new content categories such as sales and marketing plans, Instagram stories and lots of beautiful and animated templates that will help you stand out from the crowd on social media, email outreach and your website or blog.


More Presentation Themes

We have two types of starter options for your presentations here at Visme – templates and themes.

Our presentation templates are often composed of a small number of slides, ranging from 5-10 slides. They are ready-to-use templates, with HD backgrounds and professionally designed layouts.

Each theme is composed of over 20 categories of content and hundreds of slides with virtually every layout your content could need. Our designers are continually expanding each theme library to give you more and more content to work with.

create a stunning presentation with visme

In the prior version of Visme we provided two themes: Classic and Modern.

We are getting rid of Classic as it was too old school and rarely used, versus the Modern theme which is adored by our users. In its place, we're introducing two beautiful new themes called Simple and Creative.

Simple Theme

visme unleashed - simple theme

The Simple theme, as the name suggests, contains over 320 stunning minimalist slides in 20 categories. If you like straight lines and crisp fonts, you'll find this theme refreshing and a favorite in your presentation creation arsenal. 

Creative Theme

visme unleashed - creative theme

This fun and creative style presentation theme also contains over 318 beautifully designed slides. Its bright colors add just the right amount of attention-grabbing detail to your presentation. 

Modern Theme (Extended)

visme unleashed - modern theme

Our most popular presentation theme in the legacy version of Visme has now expanded to over 900 beautiful modern slides across 20 content categories. Need a 2, 3 or 4 person bio slide? Need to visualize a process? Modern has it all and more. 


More Tabs to Browse

visme unleashed - more tabs to browse

We've added more tabs to support entirely new assets and functionalities for pre-animated objects, third party apps, photos and a video library to spice up your content to a whole new level!


Animated Illustrations, Characters and Gestures

visme unleashed - animated illustrations
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Animated illustrations are a new class of interactive assets exclusive to Visme. 

These were created by our amazing team of illustrators and animators over the course of the last year to give you beautiful drag-and-drop elements that will spice up your designs in no time.

We've created over 300 different animated illustrations (with more on the way!) across multiple categories in 3 distinct styles – flat, isometric and outline – so you have the freedom to choose the style you like the most.

Here's an example of a flat illustration:

visme unleashed - flat illustrations

Here's an example of an outline illustration:

visme unleashed - outline illustrations

And here's an example of an isometric illustration:

visme unleashed - isometric illustrations

We have also added a selection of ready-to-use animated characters and gestures to our platform. 

visme unleashed - animated characters and gestures
Start playing with animated characters in your designs!Try It For Free

Our characters come in 4 distinct styles: professional, casual, bots and mascots and each style is composed of a series of characters you can choose from and each set comes with their own unique personality.

visme unleashed - character poses

And, you can select from over 15 poses for each character! Want them to be happy, angry or even cry? Want them to walk, clap, or exercise?

The possibilities are almost endless!

Visual cues are also an important part of storytelling, so we developed a series of hand gestures to use and complement your content.

visme unleashed - animated gestures

Want to have a hello gesture at the start of your presentation slide or a goodbye at the end? Want to clap or give a thumbs up or down, or grab user attention to a specific area of your content?

Achieve all of this by using our animated hand gestures and interactions.

You can find our selection of animated illustrations, characters and gestures on the left panel of the editor by clicking to the Graphics tab's Animated Graphics section.

visme unleashed - graphics tab

You even have full control to update every single color within these animated graphics to completely match your brand and your projects.

visme unleashed - manage icon colors


Stock Video Library

visme unleashed - stock video library
Create your next video presentation with Visme!Try It For Free

In the past, you could only embed videos to Visme. Now you can also tap into thousands of hand-selected stock videos by our creative team.

We are dedicating an entire section to videos across categories such as abstract, backgrounds, education, science and more. Simply click or drag and drop onto your canvas and done!

For example to make it a background, move the video behind all your objects and make it as large as you like.

Best of all, the library is growing and we will be expanding our collection over the coming months.

We also support the upload of videos under our Enterprise plans

Trim Your Videos

visme unleashed - trim your video

Trimming the length of your video for playback has never been easier. You can click Trim and see a preview of your video at the bottom of the editor panel. Trim down areas from the beginning and/or end of your video to get the perfect clip.

Video Settings

visme unleashed - video settings

Our Settings panel for videos will allow you to quickly modify settings including hide/show the control bar, mute your video, autoplay and loop.

For example, if you're adding a background video, you'd want to turn off the control bar and leave autoplay, mute and loop on for a seamless automatic video play. 

Embed External Videos

visme unleashed - embed external videos

You can also easily embed the external video. We have released a new tab called Apps which includes an expanding library of third-party apps to connect to your Visme account.

To start, you have the ability to insert YouTube videos, a searchable Vimeo library and Wistia videos to your project. 


Cleaner Published Content

visme unleashed - cleaner presenting

With Visme, you can publish your content with just a couple of clicks. You can keep it public or share privately.

We have created a cleaner UI for your published content while making it easier to navigate through pages and slides or to zoom in and out of your documents and infographics.


Share and Download Options

visme unleashed - share and download options

One of the most commonly requested features from our 4+ million users has been the ability to download content in additional formats.

With the new Visme, not only can you download your content as image, PDF and HTML5, but you can now also download content as video and GIF, plus export presentations as editable PowerPoint files! 


Note From the Founder

On behalf of my team at Visme, we are all extremely passionate about what we do, and this release is only the beginning of all of the amazing features and assets we have in the works. 

As we continue on our mission to empower everyone to create beautiful content and graphics they can be proud of, stay tuned for everything we have in store.

In the coming months we will be releasing additional features and assets to take your content to a whole new level!


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Then start browsing all of our pre-designed templates to find a starting place for your next design.

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    He’s also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web design and web development company.

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      I’ve had my visme account for a year but still do not see the update in visme unleashed. It has been a month since it was announced and still nothing.

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