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Visme Introduces New Infographic Templates for Non-Profits and Businesses

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At the end of every year, organizations such as non-profits and companies go through the same motions. They evaluate the results obtained in the previous months and communicate their findings in a report like this:


However, in this burgeoning era of visual communication, wouldn't it be ideal to summarize a long-winded report in the form of an eye-catching and easy-to-understand infographic like this one?


Thanks to online infographic makers like Visme, all types of organizations, from non-profits and educational institutions to startups and Fortune 500 companies, can now present their results in a compelling visual format, without having to outsource the design work.

This is not limited to annual reports but extends also to social media and fundraising campaigns, financial reports, project summaries--and basically any written content that can be represented visually.

Visme recently introduced dozens of new infographic templates designed specifically for businesses and non-profit organizations. With themes ranging from charitable giving reports to visual explanations of quality-control processes, these infographic templates are sure to simplify the process of communicating your organization's work with the rest of the world.

In this post, we'll go over a sample of these new themes, which even non-designers can customize in an average of one to two hours.

(You can also check out this short video tutorial on how to easily customize any of these infographic templates):

Infographic Templates for Non-Profits

1 Annual Report


Perfect for non-profits, this annual report summarizes the year's most important figures, such as the number of families and individuals in the community served.

Its simple layout and versatile color combination make it easy to modify this template to your needs, whether you're dedicated to improving literacy rates, helping homeless families or increasing human rights awareness.

2 Celebrating Years of Service


Is your company or non-profit organization celebrating a milestone anniversary? This infographic comes in handy for when that 20, 30 or 40-year celebration rolls around, serving as a visual summary of everything accomplished throughout the years.

All the main data points are separated into individual boxes, which makes it easy to add your own information into each compartment, and the simple three-color combination can easily be modified within Visme, as shown in the short video tutorial above.

3 Donations Report


Some non-profits are funded exclusively by the donations of its members, which means that effectively communicating how much members are giving is a must.

As inspiration for your own report, this template starts with some figures related to online giving and then goes on to compare donations across several years.

Using Visme's built-in chart feature, you can easily customize this template with your own animated and interactive charts and graphs (please see video tutorial above).

4 "About Us" Infographic


Looking for a colorful and appealing way to briefly introduce your organization and encourage readers to donate? This infographic does just that by giving your audience a quick run-down of your organization's most important attributes, such as its mission statement and key accomplishments.

5 Church Annual Report


Like all non-profits, religious organizations must also elaborate annual reports, which may include figures related to attendance, giving, budget needs and resource allocation. The above template combines all these different data points into a visually appealing infographic that can easily be modified.

For example, if you want to increase or decrease the height of the infographic, all you have to do is click and drag the tab at the bottom of the infographic (see video tutorial).

6 Pet Food Bank Infographic


Animal shelters and rescue organizations are another type of non-profit that can greatly benefit from using visual content to communicate their contributions. The infographic above does just that by relaying important figures and graphs using modern-looking outline icons and a color scheme appropriate to the theme.

Infographic Templates for Businesses

1 Process Infographic


Is your company looking for an effective way to communicate complex processes to its employees or clients?

Infographics such as the one above are ideal for simplifying dense subjects and making them palatable through the use of a harmonious and functional color combination, as well as wisely chosen icons that can be used to summarize text.

This type of infographic, known as a process infographic (you can see other types of infographics here), can be easily modified to explain other internal processes, such as operations or customer management.

These types of infographics are not only useful for training and on-boarding sessions, they can also be printed out and used as posters that serve as reminders.

2 Stages of Commercialization


Like the infographic above, this template is ideal for visually representing the stages or phases involved in a specific process. In this case, the five stages of the commercialization process are used as an example.

3 Statistical Report


Need to communicate the results of a customer survey or poll? Or visually represent the results of a pertinent study in your field? This infographic template is ideal for making numbers, figures and statistics easy to understand and compare with each other.

With Visme, you can easily change the number of individual units of people seen at the bottom using the drag-and-drop Array widget (please see tutorial above).

4 List Infographic


There are times when you may need to simply provide a list of items in a visual format. This template will help keep your infographic mostly text-based, with just a few effective icons and appropriate color selections to help readers assimilate the information faster than if it were a simple Word document.

5 Mixed Charts Infographic


If you're in need of an infographic with several chart and data visualization types, this template will come in handy. From simple bar charts and short timelines to arrays and process charts, this infographic incorporates various visual formats.

6 Survey Results Infographic


This simple infographic template may be useful for communicating the results of a short survey or poll. For example, the four most common answers given by respondents were visualized here using doughnut charts and colored bars.

7 Short Report Infographic


Visme has also launched dozens of short-report infographics that are useful for publishing one or two charts related to a study or research results. In this case, the results of a corporate report were summarized using a radial bar chart and several icons.

What do you think about our new selection of infographic templates for non-profit organizations and businesses? If you have any suggestions for future themes or topics, we would love to hear about them. Just drop us a line in the comments section below, and we'll get back to you.


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