Visme vs. Where Should You Create Your Next Presentation?

Visme vs. Where Should You Create Your Next Presentation?

Written by:
Chloe West

Sep 30, 2019
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Last Updated: 9/30/2019

Deciding where to create your next presentation doesn’t have to be that hard.

After all, we all know we don’t want it to be in PowerPoint.

There are actually several PowerPoint alternatives out there, and today we’re going to be comparing two popular ones—Visme and

These two tools were created to help break people out of the norm of creating every single slideshow they ever present in PowerPoint. Because you deserve better.

If you’re trying to figure out whether to use Visme or to design your next presentation, follow along with our comparison.


Visme vs. [Infographic]

Next time you need to create a presentation, start looking around at your options. There are several presentation tools available to you, but which one will have everything you need?

We’ve put together an infographic for you to quickly run through and learn about the features of each presentation maker at a glance. Scroll down to read our full comparison of each software to learn even more.

visme vs. - infographic


1 Slide Layouts

The first thing you need to consider when creating a new presentation is what your slides are going to look like.

Plan out the types of content you’re going to be creating and sharing during your presentation, and find slide layouts that match. Keep your slide templates, color scheme and design elements in mind.

When you start a new presentation with, you have eight different themes to choose from.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide layouts 1

They’re very basic, and many of them have design elements that are outdated, like Gradient and Vignette.

However, you can choose one, customize it to match your tastes and save it to use as a theme later.

After making a choice and diving into the design dashboard, you have a little over 60 different slide layouts to help compile your presentation. If you’re putting together a longer presentation, this can make your slides start to look a bit repetitive.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide layouts 2


When creating a new presentation in Visme, you can choose between a template and a theme.

The presentation templates in Visme are premade slideshows with anywhere from 2-15 customizable slides that you can swap your content into.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide layouts 3
Customize these presentation templates and make your own!Edit and Download

The themes are basic slide layouts that all fit the same color theme that have hundreds of different slide layouts to use and customize each presentation you create.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide layouts 4

As you can see, there are two different themes to choose from – Classic and Modern. The Classic theme has over 400 slides while the Modern theme has over 900 slides, allowing you to reuse the same theme over and over without replicating the same look and feel.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide layouts 5

Our presentation software also come with premade content blocks to make it easier to add pre-designed text and data visualizations into a slide.

And if you customize a slide that you know you’ll want to use again, you can save it to your slide library for easy access in your future presentation. Your slide library works as a home for master slides, and if you make any edits, they will be updated across the board.

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2 Slide Editor

After you’ve determined the look and feel of your slides and added a few slide layouts that you’ll be customizing, you move on to the actual editing of content.

Ease of customization is a big deal, because you don’t want to spend all of your time creating your presentation when you also need to practice giving your presentation. has set parameters for its slide layouts that don’t allow users to move elements anywhere else except their allotted spots. The only permissions are dragging them to switch their order, but they pop right into place.

While this can make it easy to design, it doesn’t give users very much in the way of customization. There are set layouts, and you can’t edit the overall design to make the slide your own.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide editor 1’s slide editor offers side to side navigation when adding new slide or switching between slides—next slide is added through a "+" on the right of screen—but there’s no way to see your other slides while editing.


Visme’s slide editor gives you full range customization options on every single one of your slides.

While you can choose a starter slide layout, you’re able to rearrange your elements anywhere on the slide until they fit your vision. This way you can use the same slide layouts without your slides actually looking the same.

visme vs beautiful ai - slide editor 2

To help you align each of your elements, you can also go into your Options and turn on the grid to give yourself set margins and make sure your spacing is the same between each element.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily add in assets from the photo, icon and data widget libraries and place them exactly where you want them to sit on your slide.

You also have a view of all of your slides in the right sidebar as you work in the editor. This visibility helps users with planning out the entire presentation for order, flow and design.


3 Brand Kit

If you’re giving a business presentation or otherwise representing your company, you might want to ensure your colors and fonts match your branding.

This is where your brand kit comes in. You want to be able to add in your branding once and be able to easily access it again and again each time you design something. doesn’t offer any set brand kit for you to add in your own colors and save them. They do have several set color themes to choose from, and you’re able to customize them, but again, there is no way to save your custom color scheme.

The platform also has only about 14 fonts available, but you are able to upload your own and access them from the font dropdown.

However, you can edit a theme to match your brand colors and fonts and then save custom theme to use each time you create a new presentation.

visme vs beautiful ai - brand kit 1

Just go into the theme editor in the left sidebar, make your changes and preview them on the right and click Save to Theme Library.


Visme allows you to create an entire brand kit to refer to each time you design something.

You can access your brand kit right from your dashboard when you first set it up, then each of your set color schemes, uploaded fonts, content blocks and more will be available in the slide editor.

visme vs beautiful ai - brand kit 2

Visme has over 100 free fonts available, but if you can’t find your brand fonts, you can upload them and select whether they’re meant for the header, subheader or body copy.

Then you can move to the second tab and input the hex codes of your brand’s color scheme(s) and set whether they’re primary or secondary colors.

You can also save branded templates you’ve edited or created to your template library, upload your logos and create branded links.


4 Interactivity

Adding interactivity to your presentation helps to engage your audience even further and make your slides more exciting. You can add links, create pop-up elements, embed video and more.’s interactivity options are limited. You pretty much have three different options – hyperlinking text, uploading audio and embedding video.

visme vs beautiful ai - interactivity 1

Because doesn’t allow you to select elements. You can only drag them to a different order in the slide, but can’t link any icons or shapes. You can only select text and create links to outside web pages through that.


At Visme, we understand the importance of interactive presentations, so our presentation software offers a lot of different interactivity options.

First and foremost, you have three different link options—linking to a website, linking to another slide or linking to an object on the slide.

All you have to do is select the object you want to link and click the hyperlink icon in the top navigation to access these options.

visme vs beautiful ai - interactivity 2

The pop-up option allows you to link objects in the slide, creating a pop-up or rollover effect when you click or hover over your chosen object.

interactive presentation - quiz visme

Users can also jump to the Media tab in the left sidebar to embed any online content, upload or record audio or add video links from YouTube or Vimeo.

There are also free audio options to choose from in the free audio library.


5 Animation

Another great way to add depth to your presentation and engage your audience is by animating your elements when they appear on the screen.

In’s software, each slide layout already has built-in animation so you’re unable to change the way the elements appear.

visme vs beautiful ai - animation 1

The only parameters you can edit are the timing, order and speed of the animation. The platform also doesn’t have any slide transitions to edit how your slides appear and disappear from the screen.


Visme offers several different options for both animation and slide transitions. You can click on the gear on your slide in the right sidebar to choose from our transition options.

There are seven different transition options, five of which will apply a seamless transition to both your slide and objects, and two that will only transition your slide so you can add your own animations.

visme vs beautiful ai - animation 2

You animate your objects, click on the element of your choice then click Animate in the top navigation to choose from one of our six animation options. You can then easily determine when animations happen with the timeline setting.


6 Icons

One great way to visualize your content is by incorporating icons.

These are high-quality vector graphics that help to convey your message without including more text. You can also use icons alongside your text as a visual aid. has less than 1,000 icons in the same flat design style to add into your presentation slides, and you can only add them into slide layouts that are meant to have icons.

visme vs beautiful ai - icons 1

However, you can’t set specific colors per icon. Instead, you can only choose one color for all of the icons or have them go through your theme colors in order.


Visme has over 10,000 icons in four unique styles to help spice up your designs. You can use these icons in any slide layout you choose and in any way you see fit.

You can also find vector lines and shapes in the library, which are also great ways to add a few fun elements of design into your slide rather than just content and images.

visme vs beautiful ai - icons 2

Remember to stick to the same icon style throughout your presentation to keep the slides cohesive.


7 Data Visualization Tools

When you have data and statistics to share in your presentation, you should always, always, always share it using data visualization.

Talking about numbers can make your audience’s eyes gloss over, and sometimes just hearing the information doesn’t help people fully understand the weight of what you’re saying.

When you use charts and graphs and other data visualization tools, you’re able to showcase exactly what these numbers are saying, helping your audience to understand even further. offers 33 different slide layouts for charts, graphs and diagrams that users can add to their presentation.

visme vs beautiful ai - data visualization tools 1

The software automatically animates each chart in its preset animation type. Users can turn this off, but they can’t change the animation.


Visme has over 50 different data visualization types to add into any chart as well as hundreds of slide layouts with premade data visualizations.

visme vs beautiful ai - data visualization tools 2

Each element in the chart is automatically animated. There are four different animations to choose from to best fit what you’re looking for, or you can turn the chart animations off completely.

Visme offers other types of data visualizations to put into your slides as well, like maps, arrays, radials, progress bars and more. The best part is that you can customize the colors and design as you see fit.

Want to create your own charts and graphs?

  • Upload an Excel file or sync with live data from Google sheets
  • Choose from 16+ types of charts, from bar and line graphs to pyramid and Mekko charts
  • Customize anything, from backgrounds and placement of labels to font style and color

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8 Sharing Presentations

After you’ve completed your presentation design, it’s time to show it off. You might need to send it to another team member for a second look, or you’re ready to present.

In, you’re able to share projects privately, with select users or publicly for anyone to view.

visme vs beautiful ai - sharing presentations 1

Send an email invite, get a shareable link, embed or share directly to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


With Visme, you’re also able to share many different ways. You can create a private link to share with friends, co-workers or select customers as well as a public link for general consumption.

If you need a friend or colleague to look over your work, you can share your presentation with select viewers by sending it to them via email. Team account users can also share it with specific groups or departments within the company.

visme vs beautiful ai - sharing presentations 2

When you’ve gotten approval and you’re ready to move forward with presenting, you can click Share at the top of your design dashboard and access the share options. This is where you can get a public link or embed code to share on your website.

You can also click Download at the top of the design dashboard to download your presentation as an image file, PDF, PPTX or HTML5.

This means you can present your presentation in PowerPoint—although your animations and transitions are unable to translate—with a PPTX file, or pull your presentation completely offline with all animations and interactivity still intact with an HTML5 file.


9 Lead Generation

When you spend so much time creating your content and presentation slides, you want to get much more out of it than a single event. This is why it’s a smart idea to increase the longevity of your presentation by using it as a lead magnet. doesn’t offer any lead generation features, but in Visme, you can require registration before people are able to view your presentation, giving you the ability to collect email addresses before people can access your content.

visme vs beautiful ai - lead generation

This helps you to repurpose your content or turn your presentation into a webinar and use it to further grow your business or generate leads.


10 Analytics

Once you publish your presentation and start sharing it with your audience, you want to be able to view its performance. There are so many ways to take your slideshow further than when you present it, so it’s good to have this feature available. offers analytics for any presentation you’ve published so you can view how your audience is enjoying the content.

visme vs beautiful ai - analytics 1

You’re able to check out unique viewers, average view time, total views, total view time, completion rate and last time viewed.


Visme also provides analytics on all publicly published projects so that you’re able to check on their performance and adapt your strategy or content if need be.

visme vs beautiful ai - analytics 2

You can watch a line chart of views and visits as well as check out your top performing projects and their views, visits, time spent viewing and more.


11 Non-Presentation Design

When you’re planning to invest in a new software, you want to make sure that it can do everything you need and more. This way you can either grow into the software or use it to replace multiple tools your business is paying for. is a presentation tool, and it’s a restrictive one at that. While you can save your slides as image files, it doesn’t have the flexibility to provide more graphics or visual content than a presentation.

Visme, however, is an all-in-one graphic design tool, with its simple and intuitive interface adapting to whatever type of content you’re creating.

It was made with advanced features no matter what type of content you’re creating. If you need a presentation, you have all of the tools you need. But you also have all of your necessary assets to create infographics, social media graphics, printables, eBooks and so much more.

If you’re ready to jump in and design your next presentation and all the rest of your graphic design needs, sign up for a free Visme account today and start designing.

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