Ten tips to design beautiful and professional logos.

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Carolina Marquez


Visual communication is key in branding. And the 'face' of every brand communication is the logo, o logotype. This little friend is the one that introduces the consumer to the brand, and the middleman who acts as a connector between company and customer.

This is why the creation process is so vitally important. It has to be unique; it has to show the brand's values and at the same time, be appealing to the target audience. Sounds like a complicated process, so we're here to make it easier with our ten tips to design beautiful and professional logos.

1. The logo must connect with the customer.

A good logo needs to connect the brand with its audience. Its labor is to serve as a bridge between both of them. So it's important that it looks and feels appealing to the target audience.

The basic colors of the eBay logo signify entertainment, enthusiasm and candid energy.


2. The logo needs to trigger emotions in the target audience.

Logos need to unchain mental and emotional processes among the consumers. They need to encourage imagination, and clients subconscious. A logo that doesn't connect to the minds of customers it's a bad logo.

The adidas logo wants to motivate the youth to engage themselves in athletics.


3. The logo needs to promote brand loyalty.

Logos are extremely related to brand loyalty and trust. The more a logo communicates, the faster the brand loyalty process begins. Let's not forget, that the logo needs to create loyalty not only from the customers, but also from the brand's employees and ambassadors.

The Coca-Cola logo is recognized internationally.


4. The logo needs to reinforce the brand's presence.

The logo is the principal brand ambassador. A good logo can make the brand present in the consumer's life even when the company isn't there.

The Amazon logo depicts the absolute message that they sell everything from A to Z.


5. The logo needs to have a meaning.

Give meaning to the logo is important to connect with the client. To accomplish that, you have to do better than just an "attractive logo". It has to have a theme, and be related to rational elements. Besides, is not about just having a global meaning, but each item should have its one. Otherwise, the relationship with the customer will be much harder.

The word Google came from the word googol, which means the digit 1, followed  by 100 zeroes.


6. The logo shouldn't be boring.

The good logo should never be boring in the eyes of the consumer. Its objective is to catch the client's attention, and you can't do this by boring him. If the client gets bored when seeing the logo, he won't connect with the message and will forget about it pretty soon.

Whether you use eye-catching logo colors, a stand-out font or even a unique symbol, it needs to be different and interesting at first sight.

The solid monolithic font in the old AT&T logo was modified in favor of softer and dynamic lowercase type.


7. The logo can't be too complicated.

Simplicity is the key! The consumer is now used to minimalistic and clean designs. By doing that, your chance of connecting with the target audience is bigger!

The Apple logo is highly visually distinctive and easy to understand.


8. The logo shouldn't include pictures.

It will be easier for the customer to remember the logo if it's clean and made out of simple design elements. Pictures have millions of colors and shapes, and they're hard to remember.

The selection of bold characters in bright red color gives 3M, a self-proclaimed trailblazer, a feel of stability.


9. Your logo shouldn't be a copy of any other logo.

If you want to connect with your target audience, your logo needs to relate to your brand and be unique. Trying to imitate other successful logos is a huge mistake.

The Bluetooth logo is well designed and highly visually distinctive.


10. The logo shouldn't include complex fonts.

The font is incredibly important when developing a logo. The best thing to do is to use simple and minimalistic fonts.

The simplicity of the font in Facebook logo wonderfully manages to capture the attention of the viewers.


There you go! Do you know any other logo design tip? Share it with the community!


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