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Nayomi Chibana

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Nayomi Chibana

Jan 13, 2016
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PowerPoint defectors are probably familiar with an online presentation tool called SlideRocket. It was popular a few years ago among those who looked for a cloud-based solution with sleeker-looking themes than those found in simpler online tools, such as Google Slides.

Users were satisfied and business was going well until HTML5-based applications started to grow in popularity due to its mobile compatibility, ultimately pushing flash-based ones like SlideRocket out of the market. The online presentation platform was eventually acquired by ClearSlide, a similar application, in 2013.

That’s when SlideRocket users took to social media to express their discontent over an exorbitant price hike of at least $45 (from $24 per user to $69 with ClearSlide), or more in some cases:

Apparently, the process of merging the two platforms frustrated many users who were unhappy not only with the price change but the technical problems that ensued:

The result was a growing demand for an online presentation tool that could meet the needs of corporate teams and remain within a reasonable price per user.

Enter Visme. A cloud-based visual content creation tool, Visme gives users all the tools they need to create a fresh and professional-looking presentation within minutes. An all-in-one, drag-and-drop solution, Visme also allows you to easily design all sorts of other visual pieces, from infographics and banners to product demos and reports.

Let us walk you through its different features and how they compare to ClearSlide:

Visme Features

  • Non-designers can use it: Ready-to-use, professionally designed templates make presentation creation easier than ever.
  • Tons of visual assets: Users get instant access to thousands of quality vector icons, millions of free images, hundreds of fonts supported in every language and graph tools in several styles.
  • Customize anything: Visme’s custom dimensions option allows you to create any type of visual content you can think of in its custom design area, from memes and social media images to banners and posters.
  • Publish and share anywhere: No more wasting time with plugins and downloads to get everyone on the same page before a conference call. With Visme, all you have to do is publish your presentation online and share a URL. You can also embed it into your own website or blog.
  • Download presentations: You can also download your presentation as an image, PDF file or present offline in HTML5 (this is especially useful when you don't have an Internet connection or only have access to sluggish Wi-Fi).
visme animations
  • Add animation and interactivity: Visme allows you to make virtually any element interactive and animated. Also, you can easily insert call-to-action buttons, videos, surveys, quizzes, forms and any other content created with a third-party tool.
  • Analytics: Measure engagement levels by accessing combined statistics of views and visits, all in one place.
  • HTML5-based application: Powered by the newest technology, Visme runs on any browser and device.
  • Generate leads: Visme allows you to generate leads by activating the Requires Registration option, which collects viewers’ names, emails and company info.
  • Work as a team: In its new team accounts, Visme allows users to collaborate with team members on shared projects uploaded to the cloud. This enables them to organize their projects into folder trees, manage access permissions among team members and track users to know who they are, where they came from and for how long.
visme graphs

Who Can Use It?

Anyone, from entrepreneurs and content marketers to bloggers and freelancers, can use Visme to create professional-looking visual content for their promotional and educational materials and social media campaigns.

For example, companies can use Visme to create attractive flyers and promotional infographics. Individuals such as educators and other professionals can use Visme to create online presentations to showcase their work, while e-commerce sites can use Visme to create attractive product demos. Bloggers and freelancers can use Visme to support their written content with captivating visuals, and the list goes on.


ClearSlide Features


In 2013, SlideRocket was acquired by ClearSlide, which is a similar SaaS (software as a service) application but specifically designed for sales and marketing teams.

Although this sales engagement platform allows users to upload existing presentations but not create them within the tool, one of its goals with the acquisition of SlideRocket was to provide users with the type of design and editing features found in other presentation tools.

As of now, ClearSlide’s main features include:

  • Live pitch and screen share: This allows you to present remotely with a single click. No need to deal with software installation, plugins or login credentials.
  • Email pitch: ClearSlide allows you to send email pitches and gain insight into buyer behavior, such as if the prospect opened the presentation and how they engaged with it.
  • Mobile: Users can conduct customer meetings on-the-go by using ClearSlide’s mobile apps. These allow you to present rich content like animations and use drawing tools to keep viewers focused on key points as they’re covered.
  • Content management: ClearSlide’s content hub allows you store and organize content with tags and find the best content for a selling situation through its search function.
  • Analytics: Access sales activity reporting by company, team, customer or salesperson.


Who Can Use It?

Account executives, marketing managers and sales operations managers can use ClearSlide to improve team productivity, set higher goals and close more deals by gaining insight into customer behavior and successful sales activities.


The Final Verdict

As you can see, what differentiates Visme from ClearSlide is its convenient, all-in-one custom design area, which allows you to create virtually any visual content you can imagine, not just presentations.

While ClearSlide offers granular data and analytics useful for a very specific type of client, Visme is a lighter software that, nonetheless, offers more sophisticated design and customization capabilities.


Not sure if Visme is right for you? You can sign up for a free account here and try it out for as long as you wish. Or if you have any questions about Visme’s features, just send us a message or drop us a line in the comments section below.

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