How to Entice Subscribers with Rich Media in Email Marketing

How to Entice Subscribers with Rich Media in Email Marketing

Written by:
Kevin George

Jun 13, 2017
newsletter ideas How-to-Entice-your-Subscribers-with-Rich-Media-in-Email-Marketing

Imagine this scenario: A new subscriber has just opted in to receive your emails. You send out a welcome email which is comprised of just plain text -- a long block of copy in which you've tried to fit in every detail about your brand.

Well, it might so happen that you’ve lost your subscriber’s interest already.

Inboxes are flooded with emails every day. And it is only natural that most of these emails are ignored by busy subscribers. So if you want to ensure you're not among those who get ignored, you have to go the extra mile to really impress your readers with innovative newsletter ideas.

Rich media adds that coolness to your emails.


How to Use Rich Media in Your Emails

Rich media refers to elements like audio, images, GIFs, videos and cinemagraphs, which can help keep your email subscribers engaged and entertained.

Now, it's been proven that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Moreover, as visuals are processed faster by the brain, our response to them is also quicker. So by adding visual content to your newsletters, you are increasing the chances of your subscriber taking an action in the email!

Fortunately, marketers are aware of the importance of visual content. In a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, they found that the topmost priority for B2C marketers is to produce engaging content, while the third priority is to create visual content.

newsletter ideas How-to-Entice-your-Subscribers-with-Rich-Media-in-Email-Marketing-Top-Priorities-for-B2C-Content-Creators

So, how can marketers use visual content in emails to make them work like lead magnets? Let's take you on an enlightening journey to discover the world of visual media.

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Creative Newsletter Ideas

Stunning Static Images

In this age of visual communication, everybody clicks on pictures, likes them and shares them. As far as email marketing is concerned, pictures play a vital role in keeping subscribers engaged and increasing click-through rates. Good-quality, mesmerizing and relevant images may be the primary reason for the success of an email campaign.

Images also help to create a memorable brand identity that stays in the minds of subscribers for a long period of time. In fact, there are brands that are known for their creative newsletter ideas, specifically the stunning images they use in their emails.

Terrain, a home improvement company, is one example of a brand that knows how to leverage awesome visual content to keep their email list subscribers coming back for more. Take a look at how they've used beautiful images in this newsletter:

Applications: Every industry, from e-commerce and IT to tourism and real estate, can use images in their emails.


Peppy Email GIFs

When done properly, GIFs can make your emails a joy to read. Apart from the fact that these short, bite-sized animations are catchy, GIFs also help to share bits of information in a limited amount of space. Moreover, the use of animated GIFs in emails has been shown to boost conversions by 49%!

GIFs are being used extensively in email campaigns thanks to their popularity among subscribers. But you need to bear in mind that too much of anything is not good. So make sure you use GIFs sparingly or your emails may lose their charm.

Take a look at how Topshop expertly uses GIFs to showcase their new arrivals for the week. High-resolution images with just the right amount of motion make the email noteworthy, yet not too loud or off-putting.

There are several potential applications for using GIFs in newsletters. For example:

  • E-commerce platforms can display their huge variety of products.
  • Restaurants can also display their signature dishes through a GIF.
  • IT companies can help subscribers learn how to use their apps through a screen capture converted into a GIF.
  • House listings can be displayed by real-estate companies.
  • Automotive brands can showcase a new model through a GIF.

Experian states that 72% of clients who used GIFs or cinemagraphs observed higher transaction-to-click rates.


Scintillating Cinemagraphs

Another captivating newsletter idea is the use of cinemagraphs, which are gaining great popularity not only on social media but also in the email marketing world. The primary reason behind this is that they're fun to look at and share with others.

In a cinemagraph, just part of the image is animated with seamless looping, while the rest of the image remains static. This effect creates the illusion of a video, but still keeps the focus on the most important portion of the email. As the file size of a cinemagraph is much smaller than that of a video, many are opting for this visually captivating option.

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As one of the pioneers in cinemagraph usage, Mr. Porter is a brand that likes to experiment with their emails. Here is one of their beautiful newsletters:

There are several potential applications for using cinemagraphs in newsletters. For example:

  • A cinemagraph works really well for tourism industry emails. Displaying a location through a cinemagraph certainly catches the eye.
  • Restaurants can also use cinemagraphs in their email to display a savory soup with just the steam rising up from the soup in action.
  • Jewelry brands can seamlessly loop movement of an ornament to grab the attention of the subscriber.
  • Home improvement retailers can showcase their latest offering, looping the most important one so that it draws attention.


Captivating Videos

Oftentimes, there is nothing better than a video to explain a concept or announce an event. Videos are good for small- or medium-sized companies looking to increase brand awareness.

There are several potential applications for using videos in newsletters. For example:

  • Event invitations are best sent in a video email. You can add a video of a previous event or even the present one if you are sending an email from the venue.
  • It can work miracles for the real-estate industry. A video that takes you around a listed house is so much better than text or images describing it.
  • Those in the beverage industry can display packaging processes to showcase the level of hygiene they maintain.
  • The media and news industry can embed an important or sensational news coverage video in their email.
  • NGOs can share videos of the work they are doing to increase transparency.

Video in emails can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 50%.


Your Turn

But what use is implementing these creative newsletter ideas if the email service provider your subscriber is using is not going to allow them to see your email? Even worse, what if they receive an email with blank boxes? There are ways to overcome these challenges.

The Monks have set off on a journey to explore the nitty-gritty of rich media in emails and discover ways to overcome the limitations of these awesome animation elements. Join them on this adventurous journey in this new infographic: Rich Media in Email Marketing.

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