8 Best Movavi Alternatives for Easy Online Video Editing [2021]

8 Best Movavi Alternatives for Easy Online Video Editing [2021]
Heleana Tiburca

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Heleana Tiburca

May 12, 2021

Looking for a Movavi alternative?

Here’s a list of the 8 best alternatives to Movavi for professional video creation, video editing and slideshows in 2021.

  1. Visme
  2. Filmora
  3. Adobe Premiere
  4. iMovie
  5. Camtasia
  6. DaVinci Resolve
  7. Animoto
  8. OpenShot

Let’s analyze each of these tools and see what’s the best video editing software for you.


8 Best Movavi Alternatives for Videos & Slideshows

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Filmora

Tool #3: Adobe Premiere

Tool #4: iMovie

Tool #5: Camtasia

Tool #6: DaVinci Resolve

Tool #7: Animoto

Tool #8: OpenShot


Tool #1: Visme

The Visme logo.

One of the best Movavi alternatives for creating videos is Visme. Not only is Visme an incredibly powerful tool for creating videos online, but it’s also much, much more than that.

Visme is an online video maker and graphic design tool. With tons of video templates for you to choose from and customize, you’ll be able to create videos for social media, video ads, marketing videos, video presentations and more with ease.

Because Visme is an all-in-one design tool, you can create anything from stunning videos to slideshows and presentations, social media graphics, and just about anything your inner designer wants to create.

It’s truly the perfect workshop for anyone looking to create anything.


Who Is It For?

Visme is for any creator, at any level, looking to make visually stunning content.

Visme is perfect for individuals and businesses alike. Although, it is a crowd favorite among teams for a reason.

This video editor and graphic design tool has features like online sharing, collaboration and brand management that make working with a big team on a single project a breeze.

Not only is Visme perfect for businesses and individuals, but it’s also loved and used by marketers and HR teams for external and internal communication, social media and reports.

And finally, Visme is great for professors and educators, students, or anyone who wants to easily create engaging video presentations that stand out from the crowd.



From beautiful cinematic masterpieces to short animated videos, you can create it all with the help of unique features, right within Vismes online video editing software.

Visme is packed full of professionally designed graphics that are free to use, such as characters, illustrations, animated icons, gestures and special effects.

All of Visme’s graphic elements are vector and customizable, meaning you can change the colors, shape, look, duration and more of every element.

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This drag-and-drop video editor is easy to understand and use. You can add stylized text to your videos with a few clicks and adjust it to have the perfect layout.

If you want to embed a video into your project, say from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox, you can do so by using a snippet of code. It’s that simple!

If you don’t have a video of your own to use, don’t worry. Visme has millions of open source stock videos that you can use to enhance your masterpiece.

Another highly effective thing you’ll want to do when you edit videos is adding music or voiceovers. Visme gives you the ability to record voiceovers right in the browser, which makes things one step easier. You can also choose music from our audio library or upload your own.


Video Templates

When creating a video, you can start from scratch or use one of our many stunning video templates.

We have templates for everything from video ads to slideshow presentations, social media videos, and more. If you’re looking for a specific template, you can do a quick search by typing your keyword into the search bar.

Video Templates

Create an engaging video online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Upload to YouTube, share a video ad on social media and more. Find a video template that your audience will love.

Once you’ve found a template that suits your style, click edit and it’ll open it up directly in your workspace and you’re ready to work.

Editing video templates is an incredibly easy process. With just a click of a button, you can replace the animated assets or videos in your project.

With Visme, you can turn a basic video into a powerful video with just a few simple clicks.



Visme is accessible for everyone which is why they have a few different pricing plans.

  • The Free version of Visme is a great way to get accustomed to the editor. You can use this version for as long as you want.
  • The Standard version of Visme is $15/month and will allow you to gain access to premium features and video design templates. The Standard option is for individual use.
  • The Business plan is $29/month and is great for teams, as they will have access to team collaboration, they can create unlimited video files and other features that would greatly benefit any business.


Visme vs Movavi

Movavi is a great tool for creating long-form videos that require a lot of editing. You can also create some slideshows within the product.

But that’s about it.

Visme, on the other hand, is the one-stop-shop for designers where they can create endless amounts of content — from videos and slideshows to social media graphics and eBooks.

Another plus when creating videos in Visme is you can store your videos as templates. So, if you ever want to create another video in a similar style, you can simply edit your template.

Create animated videos easily with Visme!

  • Choose from fully customizable video templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #2: Filmora

Filmora is the self-proclaimed best video editing software alternative to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.

This video editor allows you to create complex edits by simplifying advanced features, so you can save your time and effort. Filmora works with both Apple and Windows products.


Who Is It For?

Filmora is great for creators looking to create advanced and professional-looking videos with ease.

With the drag and drop functionality, this video editor will help you create unique and complex videos with just the click of a button and without the hassle.

This Movavi video editor alternative is efficient, simple and easy-to-use.



Filmora Wondershare comes with lots of different features like video filters, motion tracking, green screen, split-screen and more.

You can control the speed of your videos by making certain clips play in slow motion and others in double time.

Do you need color correction? No problem. That can be easily done within the editor.

You can cut, crop and adjust your clips to your liking, add music and even overlay videos. Add text and transitions to give your video some personality.

They also have 800+ effects that you can add to any clip to enhance it drastically.

Once you create your video, you can instantly upload it to your social media platforms and optimize it for ideal compatibility with your iOS or Android devices.

If you want to record via your webcam or create a screen recording within the editor, you can do that with their recording features.


Video Templates

As far as video templates go, they don’t have any. Although they have lots of transitions, effects, filters and typefaces that are preinstalled and ready for you to use and customize as soon as you download the video editing tool.


You can also find some free and paid templates that others have made online and install them in your video editing program.



Filmora has quite a few different pricing plans, so let’s cover them all.

  • The free trial of Filmora lasts for 30 days which is just enough time to see if it’s something you want to further invest in. The videos you create during this time will have a watermark on them.
  • The Monthly plan comes in at an affordable $9.99/month, which is perfect if you’re not ready to commit for the long haul.
  • The Quarterly plan costs $19.99/quarter and has everything the Monthly plan has to offer.
  • The Annual plan is $49.99/year and is paid in a single transaction. The features are the same as the Monthly and Quarterly plan.
  • The Perpetual plan is a one-time payment of $69.99 and you get one month of free unlimited downloads of video effects.
  • And finally, the Business Annual plan which is $155.88/year. This is the best option for teams and businesses.


Filmora vs Movavi

When choosing between the Filmora and Movavi video editor, the price point is really going to play a part here.

They’re both incredibly similar video editors and have many of the same features, but Filmora gives you a monthly payment option. This is a huge plus because Movavi doesn’t offer a monthly payment plan for their video editing tool.

But then again, If you want to pay a one-time fee for the video editing programs, they’ll be quite similar in price.

You can download them both and try them for free to see which one you like better before committing to a larger investment.


Tool #3: Adobe Premiere

Adobe premiere is an advanced professional video editing software where anything is possible. It’s a timeline-based video software application that was developed by, you guessed it, Adobe.

This popular video editor is loved amongst professional videographers and filmmakers because of the many advanced features that it has.

It doesn’t come with hundreds upon hundreds of presets or premade visual effects, and this is because it is a professional product that allows you to create whatever you want from scratch.


Who Is It For?

Adobe Premiere is more for advanced video editors rather than beginners. Although you can make basic video edits, it’s more for making professional videos and video clips.

Adobe premiere works on multiple operating systems, which means if you work on macOS, Windows or Linux, you’ll be able to take advantage of this professional video editing software.



Adobe Premiere offers tons of unique features for their editors in order to make the director’s vision a reality.

One great feature of Premiere is that you can import footage from any file format, whether that be from a DSLR or Android phone.

You can make intuitive and precise edits in the timeline with the trim tool. Go frame by frame and choose the exact millisecond you want to cut the frame.

With this multi-track timeline editor, you can overlay footage and audio with ease.

You can add subtitles to any clip by using one of their subtitles presets. Simply drag and drop the title onto the timeline and add your text there. You can customize the text’s color, size, and typeface and you can even animate the text to make it come alive.

Add animations and video effects to any of your projects. You can create animated motion graphics for transitions between clips or title sequences by using Premiere’s Motion effect controls and keyframes.

To make animation easier, you can use one of their templates or you can also create your own in the Essential Graphics panel.


Video Templates

As far as templates go for Adobe Premiere, you will find quite a few text templates so you can easily add beautifully designed text to your videos.

They also have lots of transitions you can choose from. If you want to create your own templates for video effects, you can do so in the graphics panel.

There are hundreds of thousands of paid and free templates that you can download for Adobe Premiere from external sources. Whatever templates you’re looking for, you can probably find it from an external source and install it into your video editor.



As far as pricing goes, there are three main different plans.

  • The Annual Plan is paid all upfront and is the best value at $239.88/year. This boils down to $19.99/month.
  • The Annual Plan that is paid monthly is $251.88/year. This comes down to be $20.99/month.
  • The Monthly Plan is #31.49/month. This is a good plan to see if you like the popular video editing software before you commit to an annual plan.


Adobe Premiere vs Movavi

Adobe Premiere is a much, much more advanced video editing program than Movavi.

You can create cinematic masterpieces and animations within Adobe Premiere, as it is the industry-leading video editing software.

Adobe Premiere has a training center full of tutorials for you to watch and learn how to become a professional editor. Movavi is more for beginners and does not have as many professional features as Adobe premiere has.

So if you’re looking for a video editor you can learn to quickly use and put a video together, you could use Movavi.

But if you’re looking for a professional video editing software that works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows, you might want to give Adobe Premiere a try.


Tool #4: iMovie

iMovie is a timeline-based video editing app that was created for Mac users only. It’s an easy-to-use video editing software for making short films or videos.

All you have to do is choose your clips, add some titles, upload your music, and apply some video effects. iMovie even supports 4K video for stunning cinema-quality films.


Who Is It For?

iMovie is a good program for video editors who are just starting out and want to see what editing videos is like.

Lots of beginner YouTubers like to use iMovie before upgrading to Final Cut Pro.

Although this software is great for beginners, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to novice editors. You can create pretty advanced videos in this program if you set your mind to it.

Unfortunately, because only Mac users are able to use iMovie, this program is not for Windows users.



What’s surprising is that although it is a free Apple product, iMovie has quite a few advanced features.

Upload your multimedia and add it directly to the timeline with the drag and drop function. Then, you can perform basic color correction, cropping and trimming, add transitions and more.

You can also upload your own PNG stickers and overlay them to your project. The same goes for adding GIFs, images and more.

But what’s really impressive is that they even have a chroma key feature for green screen effects. Special effects features like this one can make a powerful video with a simple editing program.

But the best feature of all is the one that allows you to work across multiple iOS devices seamlessly. iMovie for iOS and iMovie for macOS were for each other.

You can start your project on your iPad, then airdrop it to your computer and continue editing exactly where you left off.


Video Templates

iMovie has lots of different themes and templates to choose from. These titles and transition sets have a unique style and will help make your videos look professional.

You can apply a theme at any time, or iMove can automatically add transitions and titles to your project as you work.



iMovie comes pre-installed on all Mac computers and laptops, which is why it's free for Mac and Apple users. There are no extra fees or purchases involved.


iMovie vs Movavi

The Movavi video editor is more advanced than iMovie, but with that being said we must remember, iMovie is a free software for Apple users.

iMovie is a great option for those with a Mac computer who are just getting started with editing their videos. This is a great Movavi video editor alternative.

iMovie is what you make it. You can watch tons of tutorials online and learn how to make advanced and professional edits to your videos.

If you have a Mac, give iMovie a go before upgrading to the Movavi video editor.


Tool #5: Camtasia

Camtasia is a software used for creating video tutorials and also presentations. It’s great for how-to videos, demo videos, meeting recording, training videos, webinar recordings and more.

You can even import your slideshow from your computer and edit it in Camtasia.


Who Is It For?

Camtasia was created with beginners in mind. It’s great for the person looking to quickly learn how to create an onboarding video or edit their slideshow presentation without any hassle.

It’s great for educators who need to post their lectures online, or for marketers who need to present an amazing video presentation to their co-workers.

Camtasia is a powerful tool that helps beginner editors create professional-looking videos and presentations in no time.



One of Camtasia’s main features is its screen recording function. Within the editor, you’ll be able to create.

With this feature, you’ll be able to record anything on screen, whether that be video calls, websites or PowerPoint presentations.

Their drag-and-drop editor makes editing simple. You can add or remove clips, trim them or move sections of the video around the timeline.

Camtasia has lots of royalty-free assets that you can use and customize. You can add stickers like arrows and shapes or highlight important segments of the video.

And finally, among many other interesting features, they have something we haven’t seen in other products and that is the Interactivity feature.

You can add quizzes and polls to your video or presentation to keep things interactive with your viewers.


Video Templates

Camtasia is jam-packed with templates in various styles for quicker creation. They have both free and paid templates for titles, intro, presentations and more.

This makes it easier for beginners to create professional-looking presentations and videos and saves them time in the long run.



Camtasia has 4 different pricing options.

  • The Individual plan costs €244.53 and is a one-time fee.
  • The Business plan costs €244.53 and is also a one-time fee.
  • The Education plan normally costs €244.53, but is now going for €166.27 and is a one-time fee.
  • The Government and Non-Profit plan typically costs €244.53 but is now a one-time fee of €219.09.


Camtasia vs Movavi

Camtasia and Movavi both have their time and place to be used.

Movavi is more for creating videos and films, and Camtasia is for creating presentations and screen-recorded videos.

If you’re an educator or you work in an environment that requires you to record lots of meetings and presentations, then Camtasia is for you.

If you’re looking to create cinematic videos, then Movavi will be the better choice for you.

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Tool #6: DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a video editing application for macOS, Windows, and Linux where you can edit and color correct your videos.

DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one software that combines visual effects, motion graphics and audio post-production.


Who Is It For?

DaVinci Resolve is widely used by professional film editors who want to work in post.

There are many professionals who have used DaVinci Resolve for Hollywood movies and TV shows.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s only for professionals. In this program, you can accomplish anything from creating a simple vlog to a very technical professional video or film.



DaVinci Resolve has very complex features that professional editors love.

DaVinci Resolve has image processing for wide gamut HDR. It also has an incredibly powerful audio engine and immersive 3D audio workflows.

You can use their AI-based magic mask and new HDR grading tools for maximum coloring results.

Use their drag-and-drop feature to import your video clips, then drag them to your timeline and start trimming and rearranging them.

DaVinci Resolve was designed to work with any type of video file from H.264 and H.265 to ProRes, DNx, Blackmagic RAW, EXR and more.

Choose from a wide library of unique transitions and video effects and add them to each clip.


Video Templates

DaVinci Resolve has a large library of templates for broadcast quality transitions and special effects plug-ins.

It also has a lot of 2D and 3D text and title templates that you can add to your video which can be found in the Effects panel.



DaVinci Resolve 17 is absolutely free to use and most users are completely happy to never upgrade. The free version gives you endless opportunities to create a masterpiece.

DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 is the premium version of the video editing software and it costs a one time fee of $295.


DaVinci Resolve vs Movavi

DaVinci Resolve is a very technical and professional tool that is loved by many filmmakers.

Movavi is a less advanced video editing program with many great features that will get you pretty far.

If you’re looking to create professional film, TV series or cinematic video, then DaVinci Resolve might be the tool for you.

If you just need a video editing software to create simple videos, then Movavi is the choice for you.


Tool #7: Animoto

Animoto is another Movavi alternative that is cloud-based and allows you to easily create videos and slideshow presentations.

You can simply add text to your video or presentation, then change the font, size and color until you get the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Animoto provides its users with a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, so they can easily create their videos on the go.


Who Is It For?

If you’re a marketer or freelancer who is looking for a simple drag-and-drop video editor, then this could be your jackpot.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward to use, so you can make a short video or slideshow in no time.



Some of the features that Animoto has to offer include trimming, cropping, adding music and other basic editing tools.

Besides creating videos, you can also video slideshows in the Animoto editor. They have a large selection of stock videos that you can choose from and add to your video project.


Video Templates

Animoto has lots of video templates that make creating your video a breeze. They have templates for video interviews, Mother’s Day videos, travel videos and more.

You can customize the templates, and add your own text and videos.



Animoto has a Free plan that you can use to create videos and slideshows, but they will have a watermark on them.

When you want to upgrade, you can get the Professional or Team plan.

  • The Professional plan costs $15/month and is for individual use.
  • The Team plan is $39/month and you can create unlimited branded videos with multiple accounts.


Animoto vs Movavi

Animoto and Movavi are used for completely different purposes.

Animoto is more focused on short marketing videos and slideshow presentations, whereas Movavi is a more complex video editor.


Tool #8: OpenShot

OpenShot is a completely free, open-source video editor that works on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Many people call it a Movavi video editing alternative, but the best of all is that it’s completely free.


Who Is It For?

OpenShot is for those looking to learn how to create videos but don’t want to invest money into a product just yet.

It’s great for novice editors because it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.



Some features of OpenShot include trimming and slicing, adding animations, creating 3D titles, putting videos in slow motion or speeding them up and more.

The editor also comes in 70 different languages so that it’s accommodating to all.


Video Templates

Although OpenShot doesn’t have specific video templates, they do have templates for text and transitions that you can simply add to your video to make them look and feel more professional.



OpenShot is completely free of charge and you can use it as much as you’d like.

They have a donation page for those who are passionate about the project and would like to further support it. So, if you’re looking for a free video editing software, you’re in luck.

You can give OpenShot a go right now.


OpenShot vs Movavi

OpenShot is a great video editing software for beginners who want to do basic video edits to their project.

On the other hand, Movavi is a much more complex video software that allows the user to create more professional-looking videos.

So, if you’re a beginner who just wants to get the hang of editing, you may want to try out OpenShot. If you want a more professional editing software, try out Movavi.

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Looking for a Movavi Alternative?

Now that you’ve completed reading this list, I’m sure you’re getting close to making a decision.

If you’re looking for a great Movavi alternative that makes more than just videos, we suggest you check out Visme.

With Visme, not only will you be able to create stunning videos, but you’ll also be able to do much more than that. It’s an all-in-one design tool where you can create branded and professional visuals for all of your content needs.

With Visme, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. You’ll have access to millions of stock photos and videos, and you can create infographics, animated slideshows and presentations, social media posts, videos and so much more.

Visme is also packed full of templates for any occasion, from video templates to slideshow templates to eBooks to training manuals and more.

If you’re ready to give Visme a try, sign up for your free account today and take it for a spin.

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