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Promoting your brand will be easier with a stylish LinkedIn banner that will help your profile stand out from the rest and you to achieve your goals! Creating a banner for your business, website or any online platform is a no-brainer these days. 

Want to make your LinkedIn profile truly unique? No problem! You can easily create a banner that fits your company's corporate style, without having to go deep into details of UI design or understand how this or that software works. 

The only thing you need is an idea. After that, Visme will do the rest. The implementation based on thousands of templates on our website will be easy, exciting, with no worries about your banner size.

Thus, it's all about the idea. The main point is that your banner design is not just copied from someone else's perspective. The banner should contain your vision and details that are recognized at first sight. 

Use your photos, illustrations, and logos by uploading and dragging them to the layout. Visme allows you to change media files by choosing the shades that match your idea. So you are more than welcome to unleash your inner artist! 


Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Banner?

According to The Design Blitz, a banner on a website is the first thing that people see when they visit it. 

Therefore, it's highly important to create a good impression at the start. No site promotion is needed when people simply want to visit your site again – uniqueness is the best advertisement! 

You can create the same effect on social media sites like LinkedIn with your banner or cover photo. With an engaging banner design, you can use it across the board on your website, social sites, email newsletters and more. 


LinkedIn Banner Dimensions

It’s important to ensure that your LinkedIn banner is the correct size for your profile. You don’t want your design to appear blurry or cut off key elements right at the top of your profile or company page.

LinkedIn banner dimensions should be 1128 x 191 pixels for company pages and 1128 x 376 pixels for profiles. You can see full LinkedIn image size information below.

An illustration of a LinkedIn profile and their image size dimensions.
Customize this infographic template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Lucky for you, Visme makes it easy to create LinkedIn banners that are the correct dimensions as our LinkedIn banner templates come in the optimal size already.

Easily make a banner online for any platform and instantly save high-resolution images in the desired format: JPEG, PNG or PDF. With the right tools, you can resize your banner to fit any platform, including LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Banner Features

A good banner for a LinkedIn profile contains several key elements:

  • Title and subtitle;
  • Vivid background or color palette;
  • Your logo or photo;
  • Your position, motto or call to action. 

Make sure your images, colors and font match your brand style to create a lasting impression.


LinkedIn Banner Format

Choosing the right file format for your banner depends on its design. If your banner contains illustrations without any photos, use PNG. 

If it's a photo banner, JPG is the best for your banner. GIF is usually used for animated banners.


9 LinkedIn Banner Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Everyone wants their LinkedIn banner to be impressive and innovative since it has to attract and retain people's attention on your profile. 

At the same time, LinkedIn is more of a professional social network. Thus, your creativity has to be within the bounds of a business style or at least find a decent balance between creativity and business style. 

If you want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to others, you’ll need a professional image for the LinkedIn background, which can be easily done with Visme's free tool.

Check our free templates created by professional graphic designers and a vast library of over a million stock photos and images. In just a few minutes, you can create an unforgettable LinkedIn banner that will make you visible and your profile come to life.

Below are a few basic ideas that should help you with your LinkedIn banner.

1. Engage Your Target Client 

Think about your target audience. What do they like? What message do you want to send? What do you have to offer?

Orange LinkedIn banner template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

2. Share Your Mission

Add a LinkedIn banner that will embody your mission and draw attention to your profile. Show your openness to your potential employees, new business contacts, and anyone who can benefit from you. 

Include photos of your team members, clients, etc., and share what your mission statement is.

A mission statement LinkedIn header template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

3. Promote Your Products

One great LinkedIn banner idea is to promote your products. If you make coffee, show off your top products. 

Have a new product, service or initiative to showcase? Perfect! Use a template like the one below and incorporate it into your design. Tease launches with your banner!

A LinkedIn header template promoting new products available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

4. Strengthen Your Brand

Don't forget about the corporate identity of your company. Be sure to incorporate your logo and brand colors into the banner. Include a catchy slogan or tagline that you want your business to be known by.

A green LinkedIn header template sharing a business tagline available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

5. Showcase Your Work

Try using a screenshot of your portfolio showing miniature photos of your project(s). You can choose your three most impressive works and put them together in a collage! Inspire action from your audience with a call to action.

A photo collage LinkedIn header template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

6. Share Your Events

Create a banner that shares an event where you’re speaking. Use past photos from speaking events to showcase your expertise or create a promotional graphic that promotes your upcoming event.

A blue and purple LinkedIn header template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

7. Create an Abstract Design

If you want to intrigue, abstractness is your friend. It may not be the easiest banner type but some people just don't like it straightforward. 

Sometimes, it just has to look great and nothing more than that. You can even make it look like a stylish, abstract business card with your name and contact details.

A yellow and white abstract LinkedIn header templates available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

8. Use a City Landscape

Incorporate photos of a city landscape or monument into your LinkedIn banner or cover photo.

This is a classic, and it can help you showcase where you and your company are based. Use a standalone photo, add your business name or simply add a quote that resonates with your mission.

A city landscape LinkedIn header template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

9. Share Photos of Your Office

Demonstrating your professionalism is never a bad idea. Why not do that with the right image? Banner ideas and designs directly depend on your business area, but whatever you are into, thousands of office backgrounds always remain relevant.

A business LinkedIn header template available in Visme.
Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Even More LinkedIn Banner Inspiration 

There are many well-organized archives of free stock photos, designs, and advertising materials on the Internet. Check them all out to force an idea to visit your mind faster.

Inspiration Grid is an online magazine and a collection of beautiful, creative design works. Be careful, it can cause an attack of burning envy.

The Inspiration Room is an Australian online archive, where quality creativity from around the world is stored. In fact, the source is more of high-quality industry media than a photo/video archive.

However, site texts are mostly written not by journalists but by advertising agencies, studios, and other promotional market agents.

Ads of the World is a portal that represents advertising works from all over the world. You can sort out the works by country, ad formats, type of advertiser's business, agencies, time, and popularity.

There are also student works on the site. All the works feature short descriptions and author names. The service has a Wikipedia effect - you come to see banners for chips commercials, and an hour later, you find yourself on page 30, watching Sweden-tagged video clips.

Adeevee is another handy service similar to the previous option in terms of navigation. You can sort ads by agencies, brands, formats, continents, countries, years, and alphabet.

Adeevee is more like a social network where authors post their own works, and their profiles have open statistics on views and likes. You can subscribe to any author you like.

Pinterest is probably the most famous online service for anyone working with visual materials. Banners are also available there. Use a search box to find what you need and get a fairly appropriate collection of images.

On Pinterest, you can find infographics to create something special and effective.

You can also check Creative Commons, Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels to get more ideas and free, legal images.


Create Your Own LinkedIn Banner Today

So many options to choose from! Need a fresh look at your banner? It's all easy! Choose from professional layouts and quality stock images on Visme, create thrilling banners that will make your LinkedIn profile stand out among others.

Work on the layout together and on any device, wherever you are. Customize the colors, add comments, work on ideas and suggestions, and create a stunning banner today!

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