How to Generate leads using Presentations and Infographics

How to Generate leads using Presentations and Infographics

Written by:
Payman Taei

Mar 11, 2015
Generating leads using Presentations and Infographics

Collecting insights is a fantastic way to increase future engagement and to generate prospects that can overtime be converted to leads and in turn to customers, which is the ultimate goal of majority of branding and marketing initiatives.

In fact so many businesses and organizations oversee the fact that generating leads and customers is often not a result of an initial visit, but targeting leads overtime with relevant content to improve conversions.

You have seen this on various sites, where you want to access a white paper for example and you're asked to fill out a form to access the information.


This is highly valuable data to the content provider (such as yourself) and Visme allows you to collect insights within a click and use it to increase engagement down the road in turn empowering you to convert those prospects to warm leads and  eventually to customers.


It is why we recently rolled out our Insights tool, allowing you to collect a few pieces of key information to help you generate more leads using Visme.

Collect Leads and contact information online using Visme

What can you use it for?

Collect contact information from Presentation and infographics and import to salesforce, mailchimp and constant contact

You can use the feature in two ways:

1). Track and find out who is accessing your content each time they access it.  In this case you can access your data within your dashboard at anytime.

Track who is viewing online presentation , infographics - Visme

2). Download the data anytime via Excel friendly format and use it to:


Real life use cases:

Visme users are putting presentation and infographic leads to good use

Let's take a look at a few ways Visme users are putting this feature to good use:


Create a Presentation (or an infographic) about the new product you are launching not available yet to the public.  Collect contact information so you can notify them when you launch the product.

Employment Candidates

Looking for a job but want to know which potential employer or recruiter is viewing your resume?  You can create awesome resumes in form of an infographic. Turn on the form feature to collect valuable contact information for future follow-up.


Looking for candidates but want to know who is viewing the job posting?  Turn on the form feature to collect data to follow-up with candidates.

Companies and Organizations

Create your white papers and your information packets using Visme (realistically by time you finish your work it won't be a white paper, but more than likely an engaging piece of rich content that combines charts, text and visuals your users will appreciate).  Turn on the form feature to collect valuable data for prospecting.

Bloggers and Website Owners

Create content that you want to only show to users you collect contact information for.   Embed your Presentation, your Infographic and even short animations or slides shows and collect leads.

Teachers and Educators

Want to find out if your students are really listening to you?  Create your assignments or other related content as a Visme and find out which students is viewing and for how long and when.

We could go on with more examples but you get the point;  This is a very easy to use tool, but it can give you invaluable information to use in the future.


How to use it:

1). Login to your account

2). Create your Visme (or edit an existing one)

3). Click "Publish" tab on top of your screen


and make sure your project is "Published".


4). Select the "Player Settings" tab.


5). Turn on the "Requires registration" feature.  This will turn on the insights for the project.


6). Your project is now ready to maximize lead generation!


Check out Lead Generation in action:

For more detailed instructions visit the Insight Tool topic covered in Visme support knowledge base.



Form tool along with Analytics, collaboration and a number of other features are available on the Visme Complete plans.


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