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How a food convention is using Visme to promote events


Many of the Visme users are business owners who have limited resources in hiring a design professional and have little to no design experience and time on hand to create visual content to support their marketing efforts.

A great example is Nancy Tei of LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show, who runs a pretty neat baking convention out of Los Angeles California.  She has been using Visme as a viable tool to help improve the conference awareness campaigns and improve their social media outreach.

Let's learn a bit more about Nancy and her experience with Visme:

Tell us about the LA Cookie Convention and Sweets Show

LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show is an amazing, family-friendly convention celebrating sweets, baking and cake and cookie decorating. Our goal is to give fans from all over Southern California a forum to explore their love of all things pastry and dessert. You can find more information at http://www.lacookiecon.com

What is your involvement at the business and how long ago did you start it and why did you start it?

I co-founded LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show’s parent company, AKT Entertainment LLC, with my husband Todd Tei. We are both regulars on the convention circuit and we wondered why the format couldn’t be applied to food.

There are a lot of food festivals in Los Angeles, but they’re not generally family-friendly. We wanted to create the type of event we enjoy and frequent.


What distinguishes your convention from others?

LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show is a sampling bonanza, like most food festivals — tons of cookies, tons of sweets. However there is so much more ot the event.

There’s so much going on: classes, demos, celebrity appearances, contests… it’s a day of delicious bites and photos with your favorite Food Network-type personalities. It’s so much fun!


How did you hear about Visme and why do you use it over other tools?

I was searching for a great infographic creator and came across Visme among others. I love the look of infographics but we don’t have an in-house graphic designer so we had never used one before. Visme is easy to use, intuitive and has a great library of icons and templates.

What does your company and convention do?

AKT Entertainment produces great events, as do many of our competitors. What sets us apart is our ability to create hype around our event and the brands and businesses involved.

We surveyed our exhibitors after the event and the general consensus was that they received more press hits, social media interaction, and fanfare from our event than any other they had participated in.


Tell us about any project(s) you created using visme and why you created them

We used Visme to create our Exhibitor and Sponsorship package option documents. Last year we had confusing, multi-page Microsoft Word documents that were tedious to read. This year we have beautiful, visual infographics thanks to Visme!

Here is one of the projects we've created (which we also embed into your own webpage.



What feature/functions do you like most about Visme?

We love that Visme enables us to present our offerings in the most visually appealing way possible. Our favorite feature is definitely the ability to embed video and really looking forward to the new Audio and recording engine.


Would you recommend Visme to other? 

We have been recommending Visme to everyone we know. If you love creating infographics, it is the next best thing to a graphic designer and we used the money we save to support some local charities and crowdfunding movements instead.


We’re stingy and don’t share emails with anyone.

About the Author

Payman Taei is the founder of Visme (he doesn’t like using the word ”CEO”—it’s way too formal), a DIY platform that allows everyone to create and manage presentations, infographics, reports and other visual content.

He’s also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web design and web development company.

7 responses to “How a food convention is using Visme to promote events”

  1. Henrik says:

    Looks good! Very good. The article can encourage a lot of people to do great graphic work. I have just purchased a full membership for Visme and I am thrilled about the possibilities. Two questions: The embedded version in the article (the link) has a a slide controller even though it has only one slide. I am sure it is possible to deactivate it, right? Next, what about SEO in such an embedded file?

    • Payman Taei says:

      Henrik. Thank you. Welcome to Visme and we’re glad to have you join Premium plan.
      To answer your questions:
      – You can actually turn off the control bar option. here’s a topic:

      – SEO: The content within your Visme project is HTML5 based so Google can index through content. When embed to a site, it can be a bit more limited to how google can index the content; as it may give more priority to content that is not embed on your page and second emphasis to content in your embed file.

      • Henrik says:

        Hi Payman,
        Thanks for the reply. That is very good news!
        Does it mean that INSERTING the html5 file directly into a website (on my server/ webhotel) is better than EMBEDDING it via your server?

        • Payman Taei says:

          Great question. So there is pro/cons to that:
          – You can certainly download (in premium) HTML5 version; and use offline or copy data to your own site and then embed. (it’s a more timestaking process than just embedding of course which is much faster); If you go the HTML5 route to upload to your site, then google has better chance of indexing content since it won’t be embedded as an i-frame.
          But that also means everytime you update your project you need to download and reupload.

          When you embed your content from Visme, anytime you update; that update takes place live on your site (when you publish it)

  2. Henrik says:

    Hi Payman,
    Thanks. I understand the pros and cons of each option. Now, if I want to insert the HTML5 version on my site, how is that done (I am using Joomla)? Can you point to some guidance? Or can you point to some way to search for it (I don’t know what to search for)?

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