9 Best Filmora Alternatives for Easy Online Video Editing [2021]

Mariyum Noor

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Mariyum Noor

Remember when making videos used to cost a fortune? Or when only skilled videographers could make a short 15-second video ad?

Fast forward to the introduction of amazing video editing tools — well, now, you can make a video in just over a minute!

Today, video editing is a smooth, enjoyable process. And it doesn’t require you to be an expert either.

Let me highlight the importance of video in this digital marketing age:

It’s time you prioritize video in your marketing strategy.

All you need is a good video editing software.

We’ve listed down the 9 best alternatives to Wondershare Filmora for easy online video editing in 2021.

  1. Visme
  2. Davinci Resolve
  3. iMovie
  4. Adobe Premiere
  5. Camtasia
  6. Movavi
  7. Magisto
  8. Lightworks
  9.  Kdenlive

Now, let’s examine each of these tools in detail and see what’s the best video editor for you.


10 Best Filmora Alternatives for Easy Online Video Editing

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: DaVinci Resolve

Tool #3: iMovie

Tool #4: Adobe Premiere

Tool #5: Camtasia

Tool #6: Movavi

Tool #7: Magisto

Tool #8: Lightworks

Tool #9: Kdenlive


Tool #1: Visme

We have put Visme at the top of this list for a reason — it’s so much more than just a video-editing platform.

Visme is a cloud-based video maker and graphic design tool. That means you don’t need to download or install anything to create your videos. You’ll find all your projects safe and sound, saved on our online database.

Now that you have the basics, what makes Visme the best choice?

For starters, with Visme, you can create videos in any style that suits your brand.

Create the videos that you want. With the help of endless design elements, you can create promo videos, ads, slideshows, tutorials, explainer videos and more — completely customized to your brand style.

With its intuitive user interface and easy-to-follow tutorials, Visme is the ultimate multimedia tool for your brand.

It also has integrations with all your favorite tools that you work with, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard, GIPHY and Unsplash.


Who Is It For?

Visme is for everyone that wants to take their marketing to the next level.

Whether you’re just starting, or an experienced marketing professional, Visme has all the tools you need for data visualization, presentations, infographics, social graphics, videos, and eBooks.



Visme’s best feature? It’s not just a video-editing tool. It’s an entire workshop.

For instance, you get access to thousands of animated graphics, illustrations, characters, icons, music, sound effects and so much more from right inside the editor. If you have a Visme subscription, all of these assets are free to use and fully customizable.

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Other features of Visme include:

  • Hundreds of video templates for virtually any industry or purpose
  • A timeline video editor for easy layering and video making
  • The ability to upload your own videos and graphics
  • A Brand Kit to store your brand fonts, colors and logo
  • Multiple download formats, including MP4 and GIF
  • Online sharing and embed options
  • The ability to publish your videos and track analytics

Learn more about the features of Visme's video maker here.


Video Templates

Whether you're creating social media videos, video presentations, explainer videos or YouTube intros, you'll find the perfect video template in Visme's templates library.

There are templates for bite-sized ads, animated quotes, video testimonials, promo ads, listicle videos, trailer videos, credits videos and so much more.

You can also start from scratch using custom dimensions and built-in video editing tools.

Video Templates

Create an engaging video online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Upload to YouTube, share a video ad on social media and more. Find a video template that your audience will love.



Visme’s pricing structure varies for every type of team:

  • If you’re just starting, Visme’s free account has everything you need for video creation and graphic designing.
  • The Standard Plan costs $15/month and has access to all the premium templates and features. This is perfect for individuals.
  • The Business Plan, which costs around $29/month comes with the Brand Kit, analytics, 10GB storage, team collaboration and unlimited projects. This plan offers the best value for teams.
  • Enterprise Plans are custom as per business needs.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Visme vs Filmora

Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing platform that’s great for beginners. If you’re new to video editing and don’t know how to use complex video software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora is for you.

But then again, Filmora is just a basic video editor.

Visme, on the other hand, is an all-in-one platform for marketers and designers for content creation from endless templates.

That means creating everything from personalized videos, infographics, social media posts, business reports, proposals, and so much more — all with a simple video editor that's as easy to use as Filmora!


Tool #2: DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an integrated platform for professional non-linear video editing which includes effects and color correction. It’s an all-in-one system for video editing and color grading.

The software is available on macOS, Windows and Linux.


Who Is It For?

DaVinci Resolve is widely used by video industry professionals that are looking for Hollywood-caliber outputs.



DaVinci Resolve is a professional video creation platform.

It has all the features of high-end video applications but at a minimal cost. The color correction and rendering features are second to none.

Depending on the cursor position, the tools change, so you don’t need to learn the shortcut keys. You can also apply the trimming feature to multiple video clips at once. DaVinci Resolve also integrates with all Black Magic hardware.

However, it doesn’t offer ready-made templates for quick video creation like Visme does.


Video Templates

DaVinci Resolve does not have any pre-built templates, but it does have ready-to-use transitions, 2D and 3D title and text templates and special effects.



DaVinci Resolve is completely free.

DaVinci Resolve Studio costs about $299.


DaVinci Resolve vs Filmora

The first difference between these two platforms is the subscription model.

Filmora’s membership is quite cheap; with a one-time $69.99 fee for a lifetime membership. While DaVinci Resolve is a free platform, its Studio access costs around $299.

In terms of project settings functionality, Filmora’s options are quite limited as compared to DaVinci Resolve. The latter has timeline resolution, video monitoring, optimized media and render cache, working folders and so much more.

To sum up, Filmora is easy to use, perfect for beginners and quite affordable. On the other hand, DaVinci Resolve can be quite complex and intimidating for beginners.

The perfect video editing platform depends on your team dynamics and business needs.


Tool #3: iMovie

iMovie for Mac is quick, simple and easy to use.

While it doesn’t have many advanced features, it’s perfect for beginners to quickly learn, adapt and export videos. It’s easy to browse through your clips, import them, add titles, transitions and export them like Hollywood‑style trailers at amazing 4K resolution.


Who Is It For?

iMovie is perfect for beginners who are looking to create professional-quality movies. Apple understands that not everyone is a video expert, which is why iMovie is designed for ordinary iOS and Mac users.



iMovie has all the functionality required to create a high-quality film.

Users also have access to editing tools, hot new themes and templates that they can customize to their style.

August 2020’s update brought with itself a plethora of new filters to the editing suite:

  • iOS: Comic, Comic Mono, and Ink
  • Mac: Comic, Comic Mono, Comic Vintage, Comic Sepia and Ink

You can also apply these filters with built-in music and soundtracks to customize your video and make it unique with an illustrated effect.


Video Templates

iMovie has movie-style trailers, animated title scenes and AI themes templates.



iMovie is completely free for Apple users. It cannot be installed on Windows or Linux.


iMovie vs Filmora

In a world where a 60-second video is worth 1.8 million words, using video marketing to boost your engagement rate is crucial. While there are many professional video-editing tools, they might be quite intimidating and complicated to understand.

That’s where iMovie and Filmora come in. They both are simple, easy to use, and reasonably priced (with iMovie being completely free, of course!)

In terms of ease of use, scalability, and workflow, iMovie is the winner.

The greatest “downside” to iMovie is its exclusivity to Apple products.

On the other hand, Filmora’s preset effects are incomparable and it is universally accessible on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #4: Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro has been at the forefront of video-editing tools in the last few decades. Its non-linear video editing interface is unequivocally unmatched.

It has set the industry standard by letting videographers convert unprocessed clips into a full-fledged cinematographic experience.

It is available both on Windows and Mac.


Who Is It For?

From Hollywood professionals to content marketers, Adobe Premiere is used by those who have an eye for high-quality video production.



It’s more than just a powerful video editor. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can bring your director’s vision to life.

Adobe Premiere Pro’s interface layout is all about simplicity while maintaining high productivity. The application is arranged into different workspaces for editing, effects and audio to keep the distractions minimized.

You can access royalty-free audio within the platform and make changes as you require. Edit and adjust your audio for meters, mixers, effects, noise, and reverb.

This platform is constantly updating to keep its performance and efficiency high. With the 14.6 version, you can quickly export your edited videos with Quick Export.


Video Templates

Adobe Premiere Pro’s templates are mostly animated titles and transitions. You can also download free and paid templates from external sources, such as Envato, or create motion graphics yourself in After Effects.



Adobe Premiere Pro’s pricing is as follows:

  • The Annual Plan is the best value prepaid plan which costs $239.88/year. This is around $19.99/month.
  • This is the Annual Plan but paid monthly in the settlements of $20.99 per month.
  • If you’re just trying to figure out if Adobe Premiere Pro is for you, then the Monthly Plan at $31.49 per month is a reasonable choice.


Adobe Premiere vs Filmora

Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro are one of the two best video editing platforms in the industry.

Each user must evaluate their needs to choose the video editor best suited for them. For instance, if you’re a novice video editor, need a quick video and don’t care about the level of customization that’s offered, then Filmora is the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you want full control of the functionality and a high level of perfection, then Adobe Premiere Pro is for you.

Adobe Premiere Pro helps you challenge yourself and learn new skills to become the most powerful video editor in the industry. Many professionals believe that Premium Pro is indeed the best platform out there for experts.


Tool #5: Camtasia

Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor software that is used to create video tutorials and presentations.

It’s mainly used for video tutorials and screencasts, and is available on Mac and Windows.


Who Is It For?

Camtasia is perfect for beginners.

It’s also great for educators or YouTubers that want to create how-to videos, demo videos, meeting recording, training videos and webinar recordings.



Camtasia’s main features are screen recording and video editing. That means you can edit the video on the same platform that you record it in, saving you a lot of time and effort.

You can record anything on the screen, from video calls, tutorials, or a presentation. Add in the video, audio, text, and visual effects with a drag and drop feature.

With the timeline’s automatic snap feature, editing comes easily. Add, remove, trim and move clips to suit your video. Camtasia also offers four cursor effects:

  • Highlight
  • Magnify
  • Spotlight
  • Cursor smoothing

One of Camtasia’s best features is interactivity — you can add quizzes and polls to keep your audience interested!


Video Templates

Camtasia’s asset library is rich with icons, intro templates, motion backgrounds and music tracks. It has a plethora of video templates that include titles, intro, presentations and more.

These templates provide beginners a great kickstart to creating amazing videos.



Camtasia’s pricing varies:

  • It starts at $249.00 for individuals and businesses. It’s a one-time fee.
  • For education, it’s $169 (one-time fee)
  • For government & non-profit – $223.97 (one-time fee)

Note: A volume discount is applicable on these plans.

All purchases come with a 30-money back guarantee, so you have one month to figure out if this software is for you.


Camtasia vs Filmora

Filmora and Camtasia are both easy-to-use and simplistic platforms.

If you want to play around with web camera recording, cursor effects and advanced color controls, and your computer has less than 4 GB RAM, then Camtasia’s a good option.


Tool #6: Movavi

Movavi is an all-in-one video software that has built a strong reputation for itself over the last couple of years. Established in 2004, it has 3 million users from 200 countries.

It aims to make the process of video editing as simple as possible.


Who Is It For?

Movavi is designed for beginners. With a few clicks, even beginners can create a flawlessly designed professional video.

It’s great for YouTube, video ads, product demos, travel bloggers and simple everyday use.



As discussed previously, Movavi is designed for beginners with no prior video editing experience.

It has four main features:

  • Capture Screens
  • Edit Video
  • Convert Media
  • Edit Photos

It has a built-in training course to make it easy for users to get started. It has a fast processing speed with 4K rendering.


Video Templates

Movavi has a lot of video templates to choose from, mainly for intros and outros.



Movavi offers a free plan. Following are the paid packages available:

Note: Movavi adds a watermark on all videos produced with the free plan.


Movavi vs Filmora

The main difference between these two video editors is the price point.

While they’re both quite similar in terms of functionality, Filmora offers a monthly payment plan for their video editing software.

However, if you want to pay a one-time fee for the video editing software, then Filmora and Movavi will be similar in terms of cost. You can even download them both (for free) to see which one suits you more!


Tool #7: Magisto

Magisto was recently acquired by Vimeo, which is a notable video hosting platform. What sets Magisto apart from other video editors is that it’s completely powered by A.I.

Within just three steps, and in just mere minutes, you can create professionally styled videos!


Who Is It For?

This platform is best for marketing professionals and agencies to increase lead generation and awareness.



The Magisto brand is heavily invested in usability. Their online video editing app has an intuitive interface. There is some built-in analytics to help you measure how much impact you’re having with your video editing projects.

The AI-powered video maker takes care of a lot of analysis and gives feedback. Because it is a novel tool, there is a learning curve to get used to working with the AI editor.

This feature is heavily focused on usability. It has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners.

It incorporates color correction, image stabilization, and other image enhancement technologies to ensure that your pictures and video footage look great. With professional effects and transitions, your videos will convey the message that you want!


Video Templates

Magisto has various templates to choose from, including video templates for birthdays, invitations, social media and marketing.



Magisto pricing starts at $4.99 per feature, per month.

Although it doesn’t have a free version, Magisto offers a free trial.


Magisto vs Filmora

Users whose main focus is speed and efficiency will love Magisto, but if you want more customization, you will find both Magisto and Filmora lacking.

Magisto users are mainly small and medium business owners that need to create quick videos to increase their brand awareness. Filmora, on the other hand, is focused on creativity for the video content creators.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #8: Lightworks

Lightworks is a non-linear editing system that has been at the forefront of film editing.

Non-linear editing refers to offline editing in which the original material remains unmodified. This means a higher level of video editing.


Who Is It For?

Lightworks is a video editing software that enables users to create multi-format 4K videos via drag and drop, timeline editing, trimming, audio & video FX, and histogram tools. This solution is particularly useful for photographers and videographers that want to export their videos into different formats.



Lightworks is packed with everything you need to take your video content to the next level.

With techniques like compositing, real-time effects, motion tracking, and color correction, it has everything you need to produce a video the way you want it.


Video Templates

Lightworks does not have built-in video templates.



The pricing for Lightworks starts from $24.99.


Lightworks vs Filmora

While Filmora is not free, it provides a trial version, but the watermark is present at the export of the video.

On the other hand, Lightworks is a free video editing software that’s jam-packed with high-quality tools.


Tool #9: Kdenlive

Kdenlive is an open-source powerful non-linear video editor that is based on the MLT framework. It allows you to add effects and transitions of your choice, and export your video into the format that you want.

Kdenlive also offers a lot of plugins. Plus, it's open-source, which means that it’s free to download and can be modified by anyone. The tool is supported on Linux, Windows and Mac.


Who Is It For?

Kdenlive is not appropriate for those who lack video editing experience. Only after investing hours and hours will you begin to reap the benefits.



The main features of Kdenlive are:

  • Intuitive multitrack interface
  • Many video effects and transitions
  • Color scopes


Video Templates

Kdenlive does not have any video templates.



It’s free.


Kdenlive vs Filmora

Filmora has greater brand recognition, offers a variety of templates, and has a friendly UI. Kdenlive’s user interface is outdated and quite complicated for beginners.


Looking for a Filmora Alternative?

Now that you’ve evaluated all of these alternatives, let me conclude this blog with the best video-editing platform for you: Visme.

While each tool on this list has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks, with Visme, you can do everything you want in one platform.

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