How to Sell Digital Products With Visual Content

How to Sell Digital Products With Visual Content
Jana Rumberger

Written by:
Jana Rumberger

Apr 16, 2020
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Digital products are growing in popularity each year. Photoshop filters, new apps, software, and free eBooks are business essentials, and not just for marketing. 

That said, many small businesses still feel like digital products are a mystery. For a local restaurant, antique shop, or mechanic it may be tough to understand what a digital product is and how it can be useful. 

It's understood the shoppers purchase for emotional reasons and defend those purchases with logic. For most digital products, the utility is obvious.

Emotionally, many people still feel like tech is something distant, cold, and inhuman, even though most of us use the tools of technology every day. It’s smart to connect with human emotions through the senses. The key to selling digital products is great visuals. 

So, how can your business sell digital products with visual content? Try one of these 7 tips.


1. Create a great product image.

To sell digital products, you need to show your customers what your product is and what it does in a captivating way. 

Book covers have always been the most important factor in book sales. If your digital product is a visual tool, use your product image to show what your digital product does. 

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If your product isn't visual, think about how your image can tell the story of your product.

Sure, digital products live on computers. Because that’s the first thing that comes to mind, it could also mean that there are already too many products out there with images of computers or computer parts. 

If you’re not sure where to start with your product image, think about your elevator pitch:

  • How do you describe the product and what it does? 
  • Do you equate your product with another object or process that exists in everyday life?
  • What is the story of how your product came to life? 
  • Was there a situation that lends itself to a visual solution? 

This video has some other helpful ideas on creating a visual image for your digital product. 

Showing, not telling, is important. Visme has some great templates and tools that you can use to create a striking and original product image. You can also check out the TemplateMonster Marketplace for more inspiration on what you want your digital products to look like.

Use color to connect.

Another important part of your product image and branding is color. Many people associate technology with the blues, and greens of early screens of code or the beige of early computer brands.

To choose the right colors for your product image, think about how you want buyers to feel when they think about your product. 

Another option? Consider how they might feel when they come across the problem that your product solves. Then, use color psychology to connect that feeling to a dominant color for your product image.


2. Use a custom graphic in your PPC ads.

Stock photography is useful, but it doesn't tell the story of your business in a unique way. Plus, people notice when they see the same image more than once.

We aren't always conscious of it, but humans are hardwired to notice repetition and it changes how we pay attention. This is especially important with social media ads. 

How many times have you seen an ad with an image that feels too familiar? When focusing on PPC for small business, unique images or illustrations specific to your digital product and brand build trust and make shoppers more likely to click on your link.

digital products - music production social media template
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Make trustworthy graphics.

digital products - animated content marketing template
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You also want to create images that are easy for people to recognize. Most people, especially Gen Z shoppers, avoid ads, but you can draw them to your ads with visual imagery that feels relatable and honest.

So, be creative, but don’t go wild. If you use filters or edit your photographs, make sure that your subject is easy to understand and tells a story.

If you’re not sure what kind of images are best for your ads, it always helps to talk to an expert. Getting feedback from someone who understands your business can help you make sure that you are putting your marketing budget in the right place for growth.


3. Add graphs and charts to your blog posts.

digital products - pie chart template
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A blog can help you educate customers about your product and evidence-based images can reinforce your standing as a thought leader in your industry. It's best to present original data, so making your own graphs is the smartest option.

You may also want to include multiple images in your blog posts. Statistics say that more images means more engagement and more shares. 

Visual evidence makes your research and analysis more believable. In this article from NPR, 29% more of those surveyed believed that a drug worked, just because a graph was there!

There are other ways to verify the accuracy of your data, but visual content has the strongest effect on readers.

Tell your story with visual data.

digital products - infographic template
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As you begin to use graphs and charts on your blog it's a good idea to brush up on data storytelling. While it's important to get the most important details into your graph, it's also important to keep things simple.

You don't want to overwhelm your reader with too much information. Let the image make your point for you. 

Another way to get ahead selling digital products on your blog is image optimization for SEO. Original images that reinforce the message in your copy are another way for readers to discover your content. 

Digital illustrations, infographics, and charts are especially good for this because you can shrink the file size. Smaller images load faster and site speed is an important aspect of technical SEO.

So, if your images are original, inventive, and quick to load you'll be bringing more new eyes to your digital products than ever. 

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4. Make your emails stand out.

digital products - email marketing header template
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Everyone knows email is effective for selling. Because it's so popular it's also becoming difficult to stand out in the inbox. One way to connect prospects with your digital product is to add a custom infographic to your emails. 

You can use infographics to:

  • Tell the story of your product 
  • Review the process of how you make your digital products
  • Compare your products to those of your competitors

You can also create a short infographic with instructions on how to use your digital product.

You may also want to highlight a little-known feature that you think your subscribers would appreciate. You can send this unique visual content exclusively to your email list or you can use it on other sales channels.

digital products - process infographic template to use in emails
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Another great type of visual content for email is GIFs. You can create an animated infographic, review how data has changed over time, or create a GIF for your call to action.

digital products - gif template for email newsletters
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6. Get the most from your social media channels.

digital products - social media animated template
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The latest trend on social media is interaction. Stories, multi-image posts, and videos are where marketers are focusing their energy. So, to sell your digital products you want to create visual content that shows off your product from more than one perspective. 

People don't usually spend much time on social media so you need to create images that are shareable to increase your reach. 

You may want to create a step-by-step graphic that shows customers how to use your plugin. Using a Venn diagram or create a branded series of quotes that hook the hearts and minds of your followers.

If you're selling a product like video games, creating a multi-image post, hints for gameplay is a great idea.

Use a Visme social media template for consistent branding for your stories on Instagram. You can also use these templates to encourage interaction. Ask questions for your loyal followers to answer, or highlight positive customer feedback. 

digital products - animated instagram stories template
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7. Develop your network.

LinkedIn is gaining ground for B2B power players. You can sell your digital products on the platform with a custom slide presentation.

It doesn't take a ton of time to create a powerful presentation. The more you can target the interests of the LinkedIn groups you want to reach, the more effective your presentation can be.

digital products - presentation slide template
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Choose a specific LinkedIn group or network. Then, use your slides to show how they can benefit from one or more of your digital products.

Custom graphics can help you tailor your presentation, making it more believable, unique, and valuable. Slide presentations with more images and less text tend to get better ratings on the platform.

Instead of using bullet points, combine images and text to reinforce each important point in your presentation. Use sound too, and don't forget about audio quality.

Adding sound effects or music to support the voiceover in your slide presentation can make it much more powerful


Start selling your digital products today.

Digital products are easy to sell with the right visual content. Find an authentic way to connect with your customers through the channels and images that they respond to.

Digital products might seem mysterious, but not for long. You can build trust, awareness, and engagement with visual content.

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