How an Affiliate Marketer is Using Comparison Charts to Improve SEO

How an Affiliate Marketer is Using Comparison Charts to Improve SEO
Mahnoor Sheikh

Written by:
Mahnoor Sheikh

Apr 21, 2019

Did you know that visuals can do more than just engage visitors?

It didn’t take long for Remy Tennant, an affiliate marketer passionate about health and wellness, to discover how creating interactive comparison charts with Visme could actually help his website rank #1 on Google!

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study remy tennant bio

With over 10 years of marketing experience, Remy has worked at leading Silicon Valley technology companies including DocuSign and Getaround, and is currently Director of Growth at e-commerce startup Packlane.

The one thing that he enjoys more than doing marketing at his day job is doing it for his own businesses.

For the past few years, the health and wellness space has been on the rise with an increasing number of people worrying about their fitness and diet. For Remy, getting heard in such a competitive niche was a huge challenge.

Thankfully, the ability to create interactive content in Visme helped him do just that. Here’s what he has to say about his experience in his own words:


Tell us a bit more about your health blog, Human Food Bar.

Human Food Bar is essentially a health and wellness blog focused on dietary trends, recommendations, and comparison charts. I started the blog in 2018 and the site currently gets around 60,000 monthly unique visitors.

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study blog website

Remi's blog, Human Food Bar

The main focus of the blog at the moment are interactive comparison charts for products like keto-friendly protein bars, which help people make the right choice for their diet. This is where Visme helps me out a lot.

Protein bars are quite popular these days, and while there are plenty of blogs reviewing various bars, I wanted to go in a different direction.

At the time, no one was doing a really good side-by-side comparison charts for protein bars, so that’s what I decided to do.


How did you first realize you needed interactive visuals to communicate with your audience?

I use a very standard high-ticket affiliate marketing model for my blog and search engine optimization is very important part of my overhaul affiliate marketing strategy, especially because getting on top of Google is so competitive now. However, you can even do affiliate marketing on Shopify.

I’ve been doing SEO for a while now and you have to create really good content to win. You need content that people are going to share. Content that grabs attention. Something they will spend a lot of time staring at.

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study engage quote

When you make content interactive, it automatically increases dwell time—which is how long someone spends on a page.

Dwell time is a very important ranking signal, so the more time people spend on my content, the more Google finds it relevant.

When it comes to interactive content, I find that infographics work great for my niche. I’ve always been passionate about design and creating rich multimedia content, and I feel Visme is the perfect tool for that.

What tool or software were you using before to create visual content? Why did you switch?

Before Visme, I was using Illustrator to create visuals. I have some basic design skills, but I’m not at all a professional designer. So, it was difficult for me to create interactive visuals.

Hiring a developer and designer to create comparison charts would have been too expensive, so I decided to look for the right tool.

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study visme quote

I found Visme during my research and it was the perfect fit for my needs. It’s super affordable, especially compared to most other infographic makers and design tools out there.

Plus, the idea of being able to embed all kinds of graphics into my website using just a snippet of code is super impressive. I had an ‘Aha!’ moment pretty fast when I saw all that Visme is capable of.


Can you show us some examples of interactive content created with Visme?

As I mentioned, I have been using Visme to create engaging infographics and comparison charts for my affiliate marketing blog.

Here’s a comparison chart I created for lectin-free protein bars:

keto-friendly protein bars interactive comparison chart visme

View full comparison chart here

Create your own interactive comparison chart.Edit and Download

If you hover over the bar right at the top, you’ll see I have these tips and explanations that pop up. Then there’s the green flashing arrow and all those interactive buttons running along the right side of the infographic.

Visme makes it so easy to incorporate interactive features into my visuals. That makes people engage with my content and spend more time on my webpages, ultimately improving SEO and driving more traffic.

I’ve also used Visme for another one of my side projects. It’s a dating app called DateID, which basically lets users avoid bad dates by verifying the identity of people they’re dating online and extracting information from various sources.

Here’s an infographic I created for DateID:

comparison charts interactive content dateid case study online dating infographic

View full comparison chart here

Design your own engaging comparison chart.Edit and Download

What positive results have you seen from using Visme?

Introducing these interactive infographics increased the dwell time on my blog, which improved my search engine rankings. In fact, it made my web page rank #1 on Google!

I also saw a 28% increase in traffic and an overall 37% increase in revenue.

Additionally, the ability to create a custom view for mobile actually drove mobile traffic up by 28%.

Using Visme also saves me an incredible amount of time and money. It’s around 3-5X faster than Illustrator.

If I'd hired a developer and designer to create interactive comparison charts like the one above, I would've probably ended up paying thousands of dollars.

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study visme statistics

What Visme features made it stand out in comparison to other tools?

Aside from the interactive features and animations, I love that you can export graphics in the HTML file format. It makes the visual content look extremely crisp and high-quality.

Also, there are so many professionally-designed templates to choose from. For the DateID infographic, I actually used one of Visme’s templates and customized it to fit my brand.

There are also thousands of icons and graphics to choose from. I like that I can quickly search for the perfect icon and customize the colors.

I also really like the customized branding features, such as the ability to upload my own fonts and color palettes. For example, I wanted to use Clan Pro for my infographic and was able to upload it easily in Visme.

The best part is that I can save my brand templates for later use.

comparison charts interactive content human food bar case study designers tattoo quote

Plus, there are so many use cases for Visme. Although I’ve only worked with infographics so far, I would definitely use Visme to create presentations, social media graphics and even resumes in the future.

I’m fascinated by the concept of interactive PDF documents, such as reports and resumes. It’s great that Visme lets you create stuff like that.


Would you recommend Visme to others? If so, why would you recommend it?

Definitely and I have. Interactive content is not really an option in 2019. If you want to stand out and beat your competitors, it’s a requirement.

So, if you’re like me and can’t afford an enterprise solution that costs tens of thousands of dollars, then Visme is the obvious choice.

If you have design skills, you can DIY, but you can also get your designer to use it. Your designer will love it!


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