How a Customer Experience Company is Using Visme for Team Collaboration

How a Customer Experience Company is Using Visme for Team Collaboration

Written by:
Chloe West

Jun 30, 2020
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“Of all the tools that I’ve used in my role as a Chief Experience Officer, there is nothing as helpful and as effective as Visme for me.”

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Whether putting together assets for a marketing campaign, creating sales decks, designing an infographic or creating any other type of visual content, it’s important for teams to be able to work together seamlessly.

Nate Brown, Chief Experience Officer at Officium Labs, works with a small team to create visual content and knows just how valuable good collaboration can be.

Organizing content, sharing projects with teams and tasks like that can help teams both large and small complete tasks much more efficiently.

At Officium Labs, they enlist Visme to help with their team collaboration, especially when it comes to their visual content.

“When I got into my role at Officium this year, Visme has been the primary tool that I’ve used to be successful at my job.”

Officium’s CEO also loves and uses Visme as well as several other teams at the company to create various types of visual content.


How Officium Labs Uses Visme in Their Business

Officium Labs has three different product lines in their business: their experience product, their talent place product and their software.

And while their software and the branding behind that is still being created, Officium’s experience and talent place product teams are using Visme consistently to create marketing and promotional materials.

“We’re using Visme for all of the branding and all of the marketing and most of the presentations that we give on both of those product lines.”

Visme’s brand kit makes it incredibly easy for teams to create branded materials and promotional assets that match.

In fact, Nate first discovered Visme in 2018 when working on his own personal branding and building his CX Accelerator community. 

After a friend of his recommended Visme, he tested out a free account to create an infographic he’d been wanting to put together.

“I jumped into the free version and loved it and found it incredibly easy to use. Then I began to explore more of the premium features and got a personal account of my own.”

Here’s an example of one of the infographics that the teams at Officium Labs are creating with Visme.

visme case study - infographic made by officium labs
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Furthermore, Nate and his team at Officium Labs often creates presentations and slide decks with Visme.

“I was blown away by the presentation capabilities. I don’t think I’ve created a single PowerPoint deck since then, because it’s just so much better visually with Visme.”

Take a look at this presentation slide example from Officium on dealing with mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

visme case study - presentation slide made by officium labs


How Officium Labs Collaborates on Designs Using Visme

Throughout each of these infographics, presentations and other materials that the teams at Officium Labs are creating, their team has worked diligently together by using all of Visme’s team collaboration features.

First of all, Officium Labs team members use the folder organization to help ensure that their design dashboard doesn’t get overwhelmed and projects are easily located.

“I have used the folder capabilities to properly organize the different files that we have and to make it really easy for our analytics guy to come in and see the files that we want him to work on.”

Take a look at their folder organization on the left sidebar of their dashboard.

visme case study - officium labs visme dashboard

They’re also taking advantage of the brand kit Visme offers, where users can upload their brand fonts, input their brand color hex codes and even save customized templates to be reused over and over again without having to start from scratch.

The slide library is another feature that Nate said has tremendously helped out their team.

“The slide library is what really attracted our CEO to the product because I had created all this material in Visme and he was looking for some creative inspiration and was able to tap into the slide library and accelerate his own creation by using the slides I had saved in there.”

It’s easy to save presentation slides in your library to then use as a starting point for new projects that are already branded and approved by your team.

Slides like the one below can be found readily available in Officium Labs’ slide library.

visme case study - presentation slide made by officium labs
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In fact, your team’s slide library can be a great resource simply when you’re looking for inspiration to help you kick off your next design.

“We save the best of the best in there and reuse slides on a regular basis. Often I even just go in there for inspiration to see what other creators have done recently!”

Team collaboration features like the slide library, brand kit, folder organization and Visme’s new commenting features help teams like Officium Labs save tons of time on their content creation process.

“Design tasks that used to take us 2-3 hours can now be completed in 15-30 minutes, allowing us to create 6x more content for our business.”

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Other Visme Features Officium Labs Uses

There are many other Visme features that Nate talks about using as well. He’s created anything from PDF-style white papers to website banners and email headers to flyers.

Here’s a great example of a flyer he created for a summit hosted by his CX Accelerator community.

visme case study - flyer made by cx accelerator
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Nate is also a huge fan of the multitude of download and export features that Visme offers for all of its content types.

“I love all the export features. It’s really nice that we can export a presentation into PowerPoint and be able to show the client in the format that’s most convenient for them.”

Visme offers PPTx import and export features and users can download projects as a JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4, GIF, PPTx or HTML5 depending on the type of content it is.

As the customer experience space seems to include a lot of recycled content, Nate’s mission with Visme is to do something a little different.

“My goal is to bring something very dynamic and very fresh, something that looks really new and different into the space.”

As a small company, that’s their strategy for helping to penetrate the industry and gain awareness for their brand, and it definitely seems to be working.

“I created a silly infographic that was “The Anatomy of a Remote Worker” and it got like 60,000 views, just putting it out on LinkedIn. It’s neat that even though I don’t have a huge budget, I can still compete with other companies in our space when it comes to creating really dynamic and fresh content.”

visme case study - infographic made by officium lab

Since using Visme for marketing content, their social media following, reach and engagement has increased exponentially as well.

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