8 Best Biteable Alternatives for Easy Video Creation (In 2021)

8 Best Biteable Alternatives for Easy Video Creation (In 2021)

Mahnoor Sheikh

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Mahnoor Sheikh

Looking for a Biteable alternative?

Here’s a list of the 8 best alternatives to Biteable to make video creation easier and faster.

  1. Visme
  2. Animoto
  3. Renderforest
  4. Flixpress
  5. Wideo
  6. Promo.com
  7. Animaker
  8. Vyond (GoAnimate)

Let’s examine each of these tools and see what’s the best platform for creating online videos in 2021.


8 Best Biteable Alternatives for Easy Video Creation

Tool #1: Visme

Tool #2: Animoto

Tool #3: Renderforest

Tool #4: Flixpress

Tool #5: Wideo

Tool #6: Promo.com

Tool #7: Animaker

Tool #8: Vyond


Tool #1: Visme

One of the best Biteable alternatives for making videos online is Visme. The platform offers a huge selection of professional video templates with extensive customizability.

But unlike the other tools on our list, Visme is more than just a video maker.

With Visme, businesses and individuals can create stunning video presentations, video ads, marketing videos, social media videos and even video infographics.

You can also create other design assets in Visme. Better yet, you can easily add your videos to other Visme projects, such as documents, reports, brand guides and more.


Who Is It For?

Visme is for anyone who wants to create stunning-looking visuals.

But with features like online sharing, collaboration and brand management, the tool is a favorite among businesses and teams, both small and large.

Marketing, sales and human resources teams love using Visme for internal and external communication.

Visme is also a great platform for nonprofits, educators and trainers who want to create professional, bite-sized videos for presentations, reports and social media.



Visme comes packed with powerful features to help you create all kinds of dynamic visual content, from animated videos to cinematic trailers, right inside your browser.

For example, you can access a large library of free graphic assets from inside the editor. Browse through millions of free stock videos and animated backgrounds, as well as animated icons, characters, gestures, illustrations and special effects.

animation software - Visme-editor
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All graphic elements are vector and customizable, and you can simply drag and drop them onto your canvas to create the perfect layout. If you’re editing a video template, you can simply replace the videos and animated assets with a single click.

You can also embed videos in your projects from YouTube, Wistia, Loom, Vimeo and Vidyard using a snippet of code. If you want to upload your own assets and videos, you can do so easily, even directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

To make your videos more engaging, you can add music or audio narration in the background. Record directly inside the editor, choose from an audio library or upload your own.

Another cool feature of Visme is the ability to visualize data using animated charts and graphs. If you’re creating an informational video, for example, adding these charts can help you communicate facts and statistics in a much better way.


Video Templates

There are hundreds of video templates in Visme across various categories; from video presentations to video ads to social media videos.

You can choose from subcategories like video listicles, promo videos, bite-sized ads, video testimonials, YouTube intros and outros, animated quotes and more.

You can also create a video from scratch using custom dimensions and drag-and-drop elements from inside the editor.

To find video templates that fit your needs, simply search for relevant keywords using the search bar at the top of the templates dashboard.

Video Templates

Create an engaging video online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s professionally designed templates. Upload to YouTube, share a video ad on social media and more. Find a video template that your audience will love.



Visme offers a free account to help you get started with video creation. You can use it for as long as you like and experiment with the different features and templates.

If you’d like to access premium templates, unlimited graphic assets and more download options, though, you’ll need to upgrade to a Standard or Business account.

  • The Standard plan is $15/month and gives you access to premium video templates and animated design assets.
  • The Business plan is $29/month and gives you access to features like team collaboration, unlimited projects and brand management.
  • Enterprise plans are custom upon request.
  • Nonprofits get a special discount and educators can buy separate pricing plans.


Visme vs. Biteable

Biteable is a great tool for creating short videos for internal communication and marketing purposes. But it doesn’t let you do anything more than that.

Visme, on the other hand, is a design powerhouse.

You’re not just able to create animated and cinematic videos, you’re also able to add these videos to other projects, like infographics, presentations and documents.

Visme also lets you store your videos as templates in case you want to go in and edit them to create more videos in a similar style.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #2: Animoto

Animoto is another Biteable alternative that allows users to combine photos and clips to make eye-catching videos and presentations. The standard features are totally free to use for anyone, from students to freelancers to businesses of all sizes.

Animoto also has a mobile app for both Android and iOS, which means you can easily create personal or professional videos on the go.


Who Is It For?

Animoto is a great pick for freelancers and small businesses.

It has limited features compared to the other tools on our list but works well for someone who just needs a simple, drag-and-drop video maker.



Animoto comes packed with some really nice features for easy video creation. The customizability options are great, and you can change the aspect ratio of your video for various platforms.

Other cool features include cropping and trimming, stock libraries of photos, videos and music tracks, and the ability to add your own logo as a watermark in the premium plans.


Video Templates

Animoto has a decent collection of video templates in several categories. Most templates are for social media purposes, such as animated quotes, promos and behind-the-scenes videos.

The templates are pretty standard and usually combine stock video clips and photos with text overlay to build a narrative.



The free account is more than enough to create simple videos, but it comes with Animoto branding on your videos.

If you want to brand your own videos, access premium design assets and music tracks, and download your video in high-quality, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • The Professional plan at $15/month gives you design assets and no Animoto branding.
  • The Team plan at $39/month comes with 3 user accounts and a reselling license.


Animoto vs. Biteable

For social media video creation, Biteable is a much more versatile and creative tool than Animoto. It has better templates and an intuitive editor. Animoto is also useful, however, for businesses looking for a more professional and minimalist style.


Tool #3: Renderforest

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform that lets you create videos in addition to logos, websites, branding kits and mockups.

They offer a suite of products that you can also choose to purchase individually. Their video-making capabilities are powerful and great for beginners.


Who Is It For?

Renderforest is a great tool for business owners and marketers looking to create engaging videos that are animated and branded. It’s also a good option for you if you want a one-stop solution for making a website, logo, branding materials, videos and graphics.



This Biteable alternative offers features like stock media libraries with free videos and music tracks to add to your videos.

You can also tap into easy customization features, which allow you to change colors, fonts, styles, transitions and more. Another cool feature by Renderforest are the animated scene packs, which you can mix and match to create your perfect video.


Video Templates

Renderforest has thousands of video templates in various styles. You’ll mostly find explainer videos, promos, whiteboard animations and slideshows in their template library.

In addition to templates, there are also ready-made videos available for various specific purposes. These are easier to edit by just inputting your own content.



Renderforest offers two types of pricing plans. You can either choose to purchase all-in-one subscription plans for all the tools or purchase each tool individually.

There’s a free plan for each tool and for the all-in-one subscription. Free plans give you limited features so you can taste the product and decide whether you want to upgrade.

Learn more about the Renderforest pricing plans here.


Renderforest vs. Biteable

If you’re looking for a video maker that puts branding and animation first, then Renderforest is probably a better option for you.

But if you want to make social media videos that are creative and take less time, you might want to go with Biteable. They have a larger collection of templates than Renderforest and offer more intuitive editing tools.


Tool #4: Flixpress

Flixpress is an easy-to-use and affordable video maker that can be used for both personal and business use. It’s not as robust as Visme or some of the other tools on this list, but it lets you create videos with animation and 3D text in just a few minutes.


Who Is It For?

Flixpress claims that it offers templates for three major use cases:

  • YouTube and Gaming
  • Personal and Hobby
  • Business and Marketing

The tool is better suited for individuals who are new at video creation, or for businesses looking for an alternative to outsourcing video creation to production houses or freelancers.

The cheap plans starting from less than a dollar a month also make this an attractive tool for personal use, such as for making anniversary or birthday videos.



The video templates in Flixpress are customizable, which means you can go in and replace the text and images. You’re also able to add audio from their library or from your computer.

There are additional features in this tool that are only accessible with higher subscription levels, such as the ability to upload your own video, make use of live actors, and tap into a library of stock videos, 3D objects and videoFX.


Video Templates

Most of the templates have pre-animated, 3D text integrated into scenes instead of the illustrative style normally seen in the templates offered by other tools. All you need to do is insert your text and images to replace the ones in the template.

Compared to the other tools on this list, the video templates are slightly underwhelming. However, they are also of a very different style, so it entirely depends on what you’re looking for.



Flixpress offers a free plan with very limited features.

You can’t access any graphic libraries, and there will be Flixpress branding on your videos. Plus, you can’t download your videos in high-quality on the free plan.

  • The Personal plan at $0.83/month is a budget-friendly option for creating simple videos.
  • The Expert plan at $9.99/month offers more features like uploads and graphic libraries.
  • The Professional plan at $49.99/month gives you multi-phrase templates and custom branding.
  • The Enterprise plan at $79.99/month gives you resale rights, lifetime storage and all features.


Flixpress vs. Biteable

If you’re looking to create cinematic, trailer-style videos for your business, Flixpress might be more suitable than Biteable. It’s also much more affordable with scalable plans.

But if you’re looking for a modern video creation tool that’s more creative and comes with a ton of social media templates, Biteable would likely be a better option.


Tool #5: Wideo

Wideo is another Biteable alternative that lets you create short explainer videos, video presentations and even marketing videos. You can start from scratch or use a template.

The advanced animation and transition controls are one of the best features of this video maker.


Who Is It For?

Wideo is ideal for businesses and educators who want to create explainer videos, video presentations and product videos. It’s also a good tool for webinars, and actually offers a whole webinar template package for users to get started with.



There are many video editing features in Wideo, and most of them are similar to the capabilities offered by the other tools in our list. You can customize text, images and video clips; upload your own or choose from Wideo’s built-in library.

Other attractive features offered by Wideo are the animation controls and transitions, HD downloads and the Presentation Mode that turns your video into a slide presentation.


Video Templates

Compared to other tools, there aren’t too many video templates in Wideo. But there are still over a hundred options to choose from.

Each template can be used in three different formats; square, landscape and vertical. The templates are all customizable, and you can easily add your logo and brand colors to them.



Wideo offers a free account that you can use to create 1-minute videos. If you want to access more templates and features, though, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

  • The Basic plan at $19/month offers 1.5-minute videos, 10 downloads and 20 templates.
  • The Pro plan at $39/month offers 10-minute videos, unlimited downloads and all templates.
  • The Pro+ plan at $79/month offers 30-minute videos and one additional account.


Wideo vs. Biteable

Wideo is a good alternative to Biteable if you’re looking to create video presentations and explainer videos.

But if you want to create ads and promos for social media, you’re probably better off using a tool like Biteable. It’s simple and easy to use, and comes with tons of templates.

Make video production easier than ever with Visme.

  • Choose from our fully customizable templates
  • Customize fonts and colors to match your brand
  • Access animated design elements that tell your story

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Tool #6: Promo.com

Promo is an all-time favorite of marketers and social media creators. The tool offers a plethora of video templates across various categories, from social media ads to product tutorials.

Promo is also a marketing partner with Facebook and Instagram, which means their templates are perfect if you want to create video content for those two platforms.


Who Is It For?

Promo is a great choice for marketers and content creators looking to create professional videos for promotional purposes. That said, it might not be the best tool out there for educators, trainers or startups.



Promo offers some excellent video editing features to help you create engaging social media videos. There’s an easy-to-use timeline tool to help you edit the different scenes, their sequence and the transitions between them.

You can also access tons of background videos and photos in the editor, just like the other tools on our list. A unique feature in Promo is that you can add pre-animated text in different styles to enhance the look of your videos.


Video Templates

The video templates in Promo are mostly geared towards businesses, startups and marketers looking to promote their products and services. Each Promo template is available in three different layouts; square, vertical and horizontal.



You can sign up on Promo for free and experiment with all the features inside the editor. For downloading a video, though, you’ll need a paid subscription.

  • The Basic plan costs $49/month and offers limited features.
  • The Standard plan costs $99/month and comes packed with all features for one brand.
  • The Pro plan costs $359/month and is ideal for social media managers and marketing agencies dealing with multiple brands.


Promo vs. Biteable

Both Promo and Biteable offer amazing features for creating marketing videos. If you’re looking to create animated and explainer videos, though, Biteable would probably be a better fit.

But if you’re looking for extensive video editing features to create professional-looking videos, Promo might be a better choice over Biteable.

Another deal-breaker might be the fact that Promo.com has a mobile app for Android and iOS, while Biteable can only be used on a browser.


Tool #7: Animaker

Animaker is another great Biteable alternative, but it’s better suited for users who want to create interactive video presentations rather than social media videos.

The tool is primarily an animation software that offers features like a large template library and pre-animated characters and illustrations that you can add to your projects.


Who Is It For?

Animaker is more suitable for presenters and marketers who want to create animated projects like explainer videos and video presentations. It’s also a good option for bloggers, content creators, educators and trainers.



The standout features of Animaker are advanced animation features and extensive character customizability, but these are mostly available in the full version. There’s also a lite version of Animaker that has a simplified editor and fewer tools.

Other features of Animaker include text to audio narration lip-sync, frame editing, millions of images, video clips and animated scenes, and hundreds of free music tracks and sounds.

You can also download the videos in GIF or MP4 format, even in 4K quality. If you want to share them online, Animaker lets you share directly to social media, or even to Slack and Flickr.


Video Templates

Animaker offers dozens of templates in various categories, including explainer videos, video presentations and GIF templates.

Each type of template opens up the editor differently, based on the features involved. Video presentations are divided into slides and explainer videos are split up into scenes.



You can get started with Animaker’s free plan to check out its features and editor. However, you will have limited access to the design assets and downloads.

The paid plans start from $10/month up to tailored pricing if you’re an enterprise. The more you pay, the more features you get to access.

  • The Basic Plan is $10/month with limited features.
  • The Starter Plan is $19/month.
  • The Pro Plan is $39/month.
  • The Enterprise Plan has pricing upon request.


Animaker vs. Biteable

Both video creation tools are great for creating videos, but the one you choose will depend entirely on your needs. If you want to create video presentations or explainer videos with animated characters, you might want to choose Animaker.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create engaging social media videos with the help of pre-designed templates, Biteable might be a better option.


Tool #8: Vyond

Previously known as GoAnimate, Vyond is one of the best Biteable alternatives on this list.

The animation software is useful for creating video presentations and explainer videos that include animated characters. The animated characters in Vyond are highly customizable in terms of expressions and actions.


Who Is It For?

Vyond is ideal for trainers and educators who want to use animation features like characters and audio lip-sync to create engaging, informational videos. It’s also a great tool for HR, internal communications, marketing and sales teams.



The features that put Vyond in the spotlight are its animated characters, backgrounds and props. You can customize the characters in your videos extensively, from their expressions to their clothing and actions.

The Vyond editor has a timeline at the bottom of the screen that lets you create and rearrange scenes. There are plenty of tools in the editor organized into tabs.

Other features of Vyond include team collaboration, sharing options and enterprise-level security that keeps your data safe.


Video Templates

Vyond doesn’t exactly offer complete templates like other tools, but it gives you a starting point when you choose any one of the three styles below:

  • Contemporary
  • Business Friendly
  • Whiteboard Animation

While the first two styles are similar to the templates offered by most other tools on our list, the Whiteboard Animation style is unique and lets you create text-based videos with an animated hand holding up a marker.



Vyond doesn’t offer a free account, but it offers a free trial with most of the features so you can take it for a test drive and get a feel of the software.

You also can’t purchase monthly plans. The tool only offers annual plans.

  • The Essential plan for individuals is $299/year.
  • The Premium plan for small businesses is $649/year.
  • The Professional plan is $999/user/year.
  • Enterprise plans are available upon request.


Vyond vs. Biteable

Vyond and Biteable are both great software, but cater to slightly different needs.

Vyond is a good option for professional communicators looking to create informational videos with animation and characters.

Biteable is a better option for marketers, businesses and content creators who want to create engaging videos for social media. It also lets you create videos in multiple sizes; a feature that Vyond doesn’t have.


Looking for a Biteable Alternative?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to start dabbling into the world of video creation.

The perfect Biteable alternative for you would depend on your needs, but if you’re looking for a tool that’s versatile, scalable and packed with features, Visme is a great option.

The best thing about Visme is that it provides you with immense value for your money. Unlike Biteable, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your visual content needs, not just videos.

You can access exclusive animated assets, tap into huge libraries of icons, shapes, photos, videos and audio, and even make your videos interactive by adding links and hover effects.

If you’re planning on adding your videos to presentations or documents you won’t need to use another software for that. You can just create a project in Visme and add your video there.

There are thousands of templates in Visme across 40+ categories, and they’re all professionally designed to make your brand look its best in front of customers, employees and stakeholders.

Ready to create your first video in Visme? Sign up for a free account today and take it for a test drive!

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