Analytics – Tracking traffic on Presentations and Infographics

Analytics – Tracking traffic on Presentations and Infographics

Written by:
Payman Taei

Feb 16, 2015
Analytics - Tracking traffic on Presentations and Infographics


You spend time creating great content that you believe is engaging and confident it will convey your message to your audience.   But after you publish, how do you know who is viewing it, how often and how long it is being viewed for?

Collecting and analyzing visitor metrics is imperative to online content. You need to know who viewed your project and if you are pushing visitors through external avenues (ex. marketing and social media)  to measure whether it is working  for you or not.

This is the problem with most Presentations and infographic programs. You create your content but then are left completely blind to its engagement level.

This is why we launched a complete analytics tool within Visme, so you can track traffic down to the region the visitor is coming from and how long they spent viewing your content.

Let's take a closer look and make sure to checkout the video on this feature.

Analytics for Presentations and Infographics

With release of our analytics feature you can now fully track the traffic on all pubic projects.  This will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your projects over any given period of time.

Actually this is analytics for any project you create within Visme, not just limited to Presentations or infographics.

In fact even if you embed your Visme to your own website, you can still track the traffic of your project.


Collecting Metrics

When a public project is viewed,  Visme will detect the location the user is coming from including their country and IP address as well as the length of time he/she spends viewing your project.

These analytics are gathered and visualized into simple and easy to understand table and graphs available via your Dashboard area.

visme analytics and metrics for presentations


How to check for Metrics

The metrics are collected by each project, so you can have granular details and make more informative decisions at the project level.

1). Login to your account.


2). Click the Menu option on bottom left of your project.

Select Project Visme

3). Click the "Analytics" option.


View your analytics data and filter by date range as needed.

View Analytics Data


See the Visme Analytics in action:

Explanation of each Metric

Compiled Data (based on all date in range you select):

Total Visitors:  Shows the total number of people that have visited in a given period of time (includes repeat visitors).

Unique Visitors: The unique total number of people that have visited in a given period of time.

Average Visit: The average duration of visits in a given time.  ( Total Duration / Total Visitors)

Referrals (Total):  The total number of sites/sources traffic has flowed from.

Referrals (Source):  The number of different (unique) visits were generated from.



Singular Data (based on each individual visit)

Date/Time: The Date and time of each unique visit.

Duration: The length of time the visitor viewed the project.

Viewed by: Whom the project was

IP Address: The unique IP address the visitor came from.

Location: The country the visitor came from.

Organization: The name of the organization that is accessing the data.  (required Form to be turned on for project)

Total Time: The duration of the individual visit.

Source: The type of source for project.  For example if project is embed to a website, Visme can pick-up if it was a embed project or if it was Public project (visible to others), etc..


Analytics is available with Visme complete plans that start at just $16/month.


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