5 Tips to Help You Stay Creative Under Pressure

Written by:
Payman Taei

Feb 23, 2015

Creating graphic content can be challenging even for professionals.   The ability to take an idea or a situation and translate it into something that is not just appealing but one that effectively portrays the idea in an easy to understand format can prove challenging and frustrating at times.

Some people enjoy working towards a deadline and they can handle the process fairly well.   There is a certain buzz about having a great long list of items to complete before the day is out. For others there isn’t a better feeling than leaving the office knowing they have done a good days work without having to spend extra hours doing so.

Some graphic designers believe that the quality of their design work is considerably better when they are working under pressure, and using creative tools to help achieve their goals more efficiently.

In this article we're going to share a few fairly easy to follow tips that will help you along using creative content apps such as our own online tool  Visme or other similar tools.    Even though you may or may not be a pro, these tips often followed by experts will help you through:

Set Standards and Deadlines


Having a large deadline isn't the best way to get the work done, because it can at time prove daunting.

Don't get me wrong; it is great to have a final goal in mind, but break down the big deadlines into smaller steps and phases.   This can help alleviate the stress of the so many hours or tasks involved in reaching your end result and helps you to set-up clear objectives at each step along the way.

This applies to virtually everything else you may do in life and is pretty much the same strategy as the saying "Rome wasn't build in a day"  or "take baby steps".

Too much pressure and stress will negatively affect the creative process;  your mind will be flooded with thoughts that will bear down on your creativity.   Having the smaller steps helps you to shoot for them and as you reach each milestone; then you think and concentrate on the the next step.


Have Clear Objectives


Before starting to work on a design whether you are pushed for time or not, ensure the objectives for the project are pinned down.

Write them down, or put them up on a small sticky note next to your screen and every so often look at the objectives to refresh your mind on where you are towards reaching the objective(s).

Most people try to memorize the list;  but writing them down and revisiting is more effective in that you visually look at them externally and this helps to better direct you towards staying on track.


Reduce Distractions


Work on managing distractions rather than managing time.  Although you may always have one eye on the clock when you are up against a deadline, other distractions can kill productivity and creativity.  Why?

Because you will veer away from the primary task and minutes or even hours will pass before you realize how far off track you are.

Focusing on a single task improves the creative process;  therefore eliminate other distractions.  For example, listening to ambient music can support the creative process, while frequently incoming text messages and Facebook notifications among others will negatively affect your creative process.   So turn off those distractions and you will be more productive and creative.

When people are able to focus on one thing and one thing alone then they are more likely to be creative.


Use Technology to your Advantage


Nearly all designers utilize technology to empower them to be more creative and they are always on the lookout for new trends and tools.

Learning new tech tools and skills uses different parts of your brain, which helps spark inspiration by forcing you to look at familiar problems in new ways from a different approach.

For instance, learning how to make an infographic can get your brain to absorb information visually rather than textually.   Rather than reading a paragraph of text and then visualizing it in your brain versus viewing the same information in a visual manner will drastically improve the same information's retention.

This is one of the core reasons we created Visme so anyone (not just designers) can more easily visualize their ideas to visual content inf form of infographics and presentations.

Try incorporating new software and apps to create your content, new devices to support your creative process and social media to find inspiration and share your own content with others.




We are creatures of change;  we are a result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution that has driven us from primitive beings to the current state of self awareness and creative individuals.    As a result one of the most frustrating things in life is to feel like you've stopped moving and held down, such as doing the same thing every day.

When you're in a comfort zone at work can get pretty monotonous. This comfort zone is the enemy of the dynamism and the creativity!

So without worrying about how you've done things so far, start creating new ways to do them.  For example experiment with new tools and technology, new objectives or even take on new projects.

There you have it;  5 tips anyone can put to work to keep yourself motivated and creative at all times.

Do you know of others you want to share with us?  ? We love to hear it.


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