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5 Tips to help you create better Presentations


Let's face it; Presentations are a common mode of digital communication and come in handy whether you want to present information in a business environment, education or group setting.

The problem is most people struggle with creating an effective presentation or one that looks professional and effectively translates your ideas to your audience.   That's why today we're going to give you 5 tips that will help you to create a better presentation for your next project.

1. Layout and colors

Choosing the correct layout and color palette is a  key creative step towards a professional Presentation.

Keeping your content clean and following a minimalistic layout can help to maintain a clean uniform design.

For example try using soft and warm colors for the background, and bold  colors for the text (white-black, beige-dark blue, etc) since this enhances the readability and tries to keep your layout to a maximum of three colors, not more, since it could become distractive.

If using images for your background, put transparency to work for you; a topic we covered in another article.


2. Fonts

Choosing the right font is not difficult if you follow some simple tips and select based on the style and message you are trying to portray in your content.

Although there are some great font options, the truth is when it comes to Presentations,  it's about simplifying communication.  In other words what's the point of using a sassy styled font if it's difficult to read and takes away from your audience concentrating on what your presenting?

You can't go wrong with safer fonts.  Fonts such as  Arial, Lucida, Tahoma and Verdana all do a great job, are legible and you can use either one or two of them for your slides.   There are many more font options available in Visme our Presentation tool including San Serif fonts if you want more options to select from.

There is also a neat topic where we cover pairing fonts for your presentation.


3. Keep your focus

Having a clean presentation, with a few bullet points and images to support your speech is better than a word-by-word transcription of it.

Keep it simple, and clean. This way your audience will know where they should focus in each slide instead of getting lost in to too many text and images.

The fact is you want them to listen to what you have to say, while using the Slides your presenting as a guideline of the key points you are focusing on.


4. Visual support

Those days when we created presentations with the powerpoint image library and cheap clip art are over.

The internet brought amazing resources that anyone can use to find visuals to support their presentations.  Besides the Stock Image sites (like Getty Images for example) there are also videos, infographics, headers and much more resources you can either use, or create yourself to give dynamism to your presentation.

Visme also gives you thousands of free visual assets including icons and images to use on your Presentation.


5. Your Audience is King

At the end of the day,  the success or failure of  your presentation will be measured by the reaction of the audience, meaning that you need to make sure they're following you, and engaging with you at all times.

Make eye contact with them, talk directly to them, ask questions, answer their questions and overall:  remember to present and use their energy to make your presentation more effective.


So there you have it,  5 simple tips that we're confident will help you create a professional and effective Presentation.   Make sure to try Visme for your next presentation and put the tips to work.

If you have other tips, we love to hear them. share below.


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Get our 125-page guide to creating visual slides with impactDownload for Free