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5 tips to enhance your creativity


Creativity is not only present in the workplace, but also in school, family and even in relationships. But, how can we inspire ourselves and those around us to be creative?

Fortune 500 companies dedicate a lot of time and resources to improve creativity within their teams and their organization.   Just imagine the tremendous amount of value created within successful companies such as 3M, which produces hundreds of products we use almost everyday of our lives in some way or another (ex.  Scotch Tape, Fur protections rollers, odor removers and the list goes on..).

Whether you are an individual, or a member of a team, to improve your creativity you would need to always be open to change and ask the question "How can I be more creative?".

Here are five tips that I believe can help you improve your creativity.  Some are up for debate, some are fairly straightforward.  But at Visme, most of these have helped us improve our product line and come up with solutions to accommodate our users.  After all we create solutions to help people express their creativity!

Don't Brainstorm

This one goes against the grain and I'm sure it will upset some of the traditional creative types.

You see brainstorming is the most popular and well-known technique to encourage creativity. However, just because it's the most popular doesn't make it the most effective.

According to Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at the Washington University,

"when brainstorming fewer ideas come up than when those same people work individually and then share their ideas afterward."

Similarly, a study by Charlan Nemeth, a psychologist at the University of California, found that debating is 25 percent more creative than brainstorming.


Paint the walls blue

We haven't tried this one yet at Visme but I think we might be up for giving it a shot in the near future.

Some years ago a team of psychologists at the British Columbia University analyzed the influence that different colors have on thinking processes. For this, they asked two groups of people to work in rooms with different colors: red and blue.

The first decreased their ability to solve precision tests while the second (blue room) showed individuals having better performance in activities that put to use their imagination and creativity.


See more comedy shows

A study by Mark Beeman, Northwestern University, and John Kounios, Drexel University, suggests that people are more creative while they're happy. Also, that feelings of happiness can generate dramatic increases in creativity. Our recommendation is that before bed or before starting your workday, you see a humorous video, TV show or comedian that you like.

I personally think Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond as the funniest comedies; my colleagues at Visme beg to differ "The Big Bang Theory" is the winner and so are stand-ups by Chris Rock and Maz Jobrani


Think like a child

Picasso once said:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up".

However, a study conducted by psychologists Zabelina Darya and Michael Robinson, at North Dakota State University, suggests that it is possible to recover the creativity that we lose when growing up.

Imagine yourself as a kid, which were the things that made you happy? What made you thrill? Do more of what used to make you happy, and the world will be simpler, leaving room to be creative and thinking outside the box.


Work with strangers

Brian Uzzi, a sociologist at Northwestern University in Illinois, spent several years studying how Broadway musicals work, and reached the conclusion that "the best teams were those in which the relationships were mixed.

Where there were individuals who shared a friendship of years, but it also had also newcomers.

Uzzi says that

"people have a tendency to want to do things alone with friends because they feel more comfortable, but that's exactly what they shouldn't do".

Friends create dynamics, and in order to break that dynamics, bringing new people to the team helps quite often.

At Visme, we depend on our users to provide feedback on what they like and want improved in our tool.  Why? Because often when when you're in the inside you are so encompassed with what you are doing that you lose sight of the big picture (or often the fine details).   Some of the best ideas come from the outside and its up to you to prioritize and perfect them.



There you have it.  This is by no means to say there are no other methods.  We would love to hear your tips. Share them below:



We’re stingy and don’t share emails with anyone.

About the Author

Payman Taei is the founder of Visme (he doesn’t like using the word ”CEO”—it’s way too formal), a DIY platform that allows everyone to create and manage presentations, infographics, reports and other visual content.

He’s also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web design and web development company.

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