5 steps to create branded quotes for Social Media.

Written by:
Carolina Marquez


Branded Quotes are beautiful ways to engage your audience with your profile or fan page. The thing is that you might think that either doing them yourself or paying a designer to do them is just too much of an effort for what you’ll get.

Well, we’re sorry to say: either of those affirmations is true. First, it’s 100% proved that graphic content gets 20% more engagement than links on Facebook, also, they tend to get viral easily than pure text posts. Second, you don’t have to spend hours or tons of money to create beautiful branded pictures for your digital presence, visme.co is here to help!

Today, we’re going to explain the 5 steps you need to take in order to create your first branded quote with visme.co

1. Sign up!

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well, we did told you this was going to be a step by step guide! The first thing you’ll need to do is go to visme.co and click on ‘Get Started’.


Ready? Good! Now you just need to create an account, go ahead! We’ll wait.


Done already? Wow, you’re fast! Now, we can start creating. Let’s go to step 2.

2. The Dashboard

This is how your Dashboard should look like:


You’re going to click on ‘Create new Visme’ and then name your project. I’ll name mine ‘Test Quote’ and click ‘Continue’


3. The technical part

Now we’ve created our project, you’ll see Visme.co offers different possibilities (presentations, infographics, banner ads, product demo & custom dimensions); we’re going to select the last option: ‘Custom Dimensions’


And, since we want our quote to look beautiful on ALL Social Media platforms, we would want to make it square and 520 x 520 pxl.


Ready? Great! Now let’s move to the third step: ‘The Creative Process’

4. The Creative Process

Now, we should have a working area that looks like this:


Yes? Cool! Now we need to start the creative process.

The first thing we’ll need to do is to select a background, for this, you’ll need to click on the first icon in our left sidebar: ‘Background’.


And select the one we like the most. In this case I’ve selected the cloudy background you can access with premium memberships.

Good, now we need to place our text. Let’s go to the second icon on the sidebar: ‘Text’.


And let’s select the one we think goes better with our quote. In this case, I’ve selected the ‘Green Ribbon’ option.

After that, include your quote.


Finally, you’ll need to brand that image! So let’s go to the third icon of our sidebar ‘Images’.


And let’s upload our logo, it will appear immediately in our canvas, and we’ll be able to re-size it and move it as much as we want.


Good? This creative part is the most exciting one isn’t it? Now, visme.co offers a lot of more options, but in order to keep this tutorial clean, let’s just stick with the ones that serve our purpose of branded quotes, nerveless, we invite you to explore and play around with the other tools.

Ok? Let’s go to the final step: ‘Sharing’


Now we’ve created our amazing & branded quote, it’s time to share it! Just click on the green ‘Publish’ button at the top of the working area and click on ‘Download Work’. Depending on your membership, you’ll be able to download it in different formats, but for now let’s do it in .jpg.


That’s it! You now have an amazing, branded quote for Social Media in less than 15 minutes and without needing to pay a graphic designer!

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-08 a la(s) 17.14.40

Stay tuned for new tutorials and ideas on how to use visme.co! Did you experience any troubles while following this tutorial? Please feel free comment and let us know! We’ll do our best to help!


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    About the Author

    Caro is a internet marketer, blogger and a design enthusiast. She joined the Visme.co team on 2014, and she's been working with the tool ever since! She likes to share tips and tricks to make design and marketing easy and reachable for anyone!

    4 responses to “5 steps to create branded quotes for Social Media.”

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    2. Floor Coach says:

      Hi Caro,

      I am looking for an application that can create real estate flyers. Do you think visme is a good fit? If so, I plan on providing a link to visme on my site for my users to take advantage of.

      I am hoping that a user can upload a background and then put all their images and text anywhere they want and then download the file (front and back) so they can send it via internet to a printer to have printed.

      • Payman Taei says:

        Great question Floor Coach.
        Yes Visme will allow you to create pretty much anything visual. Even though a lot of users are utilizing it for presentation slides and infographics (which is pretty much a tall flyer with graphics and text combined) you can also use it for flyers. Just use the custom option so you can set the size you want. You can share it on web when done via publish options or download as PDF flyer.

        Note that when you put JPG images and upload to visme; often the quality of images may not be print quality (that’s up to user on quality of image they upload); so stick more with text and free icons available on Visme as they are vector and print quality. cheers!

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    Now Available: Become a Certified Presentation Expert for FreeTake the Course